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\ Yorkshire Jubilee

28th December 1956
Page 41
Page 41, 28th December 1956 — \ Yorkshire Jubilee
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CHRISTMAS EVE. rather curiously, marked the Golden Jubilee of the West Yorkshire Road Car Co., Ltd.— rather curiously, because Christmas Eve seems an odd day to choose for setting up in business. The simple anaer.however, is that December 24, 1906. was•the date on which the registration of the original, company, the Harrogate Road Car Co.. Ltd., took place.

Precisely when activities were commenced by the seven Clarkson steam buses which comprised the original fleet does not seem to be on record, but a number of services within the town was quickly started. Until well after the 1914-18 war all ,routes, with the exception of one serving the Knaresborough road, lay within the borough boundaries. A controlling interest in the company was acquired in 1924 jointly by Thomas Tilling, Ltd.. and the British Automobile Traction Co., Ltd., following which the title became the Harrogate and District Road Car Co.. Ltd. The present form was assumed in December. 1927.

„The later 'twenties and early 'thirties proved a period of intense expansion and during the 12 years from 1924 onwards nearly 50 stage-carriage operators, who were responsible for some 250 vehicles, were acquired.. One of those absorbed was the Harrogate Carriage Co., Ltd.. which itself had been formed as a merger of existing businesses in 1898. So some might say that this week's jubilee was overdue.

Harrogate's "Old Boys"

AANY prominent figures in the industry have served ILL with the company and have contributed to its steady growth and sustained success. The board today is headed by Mr. T. P. Arnold, who is chairman of the West Yorkshire Road Car Co., Ltd.. also of United Automobile Services, Ltd., Crosville Motor Services, Ltd., Cumberland Motor Services, Ltd., and the Brighton, Hove and District Omnibus Co., Ltd.

Other directors are Mr. I. S. Gavin, Mr. F. Grundy. Mr. D. S. Lewis and Mr. H. N. Tuff. Mr, Tuff. who is also general manager and has served with the Tilling, Eastern Counties. Hams and Dorset, North Western and United Automobile Services organizations, tells me that in his younger days he occasionally turned the honest shilling with casual contributions to The Commercial Motor. Chief among those formerly connected with the West Yorkshire organization, who have now attained eminence in the passenger-transport industry, is Mr. S. Kennedy. chairman of the Tilling Group Management Board:

They Also Served

A MONG other personalities recalled by Mr. Tuff for 1-1 their service to the Harrogate company are Mr. F. J. Chapple, formerly chairman of Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co., Ltd., Mr. E. A. Barnwell, formerly chief engineer. West Yorkshire Road Car Co., Mr. G. J. Brown, now chief engineer, Southern and Western National, Mr. W. G. Hall, traffic manager. Eastern Counties Omnibus Co., Ltd.. Mr. D. J. Tuff, chief engineer, Yorkshire Woollen District Transport Co., Ltd., Mt. J. T. E. Robinson, director and general manager. United Counties Omnibus Co., Ltd., Mr. I. C. Dean. director and general manager, Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co.,„ Mr. E. C. Tuff, chief engineer, Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Co.. Ltd., Mr. G. L. Lindsay, chief engineer, Crosville Motor Services. ltd., Mr. E. G. Hardy, chic( engineer, Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co., Ltd., Mr. H. G. Baker, director and general manager, Brighion. Hove and District Omnibus Co., Ltd.. Mr. T. W. H. Gailey, traffic manager, Bristol Tramways and Carriage Co., Ltd.. and Mr. R. L. Whitehead, secretary, Southern Vectis Omnibus Co., Ltd.

Mr. Tuff's nrincipal supporters -at the Harrogate head quarters of the company at the present day are Mr. W. McLintock, secretary, Mr. M. T. Smith, chief engineer, and Mr. J. Niblock, traffic manager.

First Reverse

rINE of the complaints of Members of Parliament against.

the extra Is. fuel tax was that some garage proprietors made small fortunes the night it was imposed. The Government's representative gave an answer that could have come only from a politician. Ah! he said, but when taxation was reduced, retailers lost money on their stocks in hand.

1 have been racking my brains to recall an occasion on which fuel tax has been reduced. So far, the garage owners have backed certainties. When rationing comes" to an . end, however, and the Is. a gallon is removed, they will suffer their first reverse.

Naturally, when that happy (or sad. whichever way you look at it) day is approaching, they will reduce their stocks to the bare minimum and a fuel famine on the pre-rationing scale will return for a week or so. There is never a dull moment in transport.

Run On Water

I F an old foreman of Mr. M. E. Johnson. of Feeny and Johnson, Ltd., had not died with a secret, the present fuel situation might never have occurred. Mr. Johnson. who is not a romancer, assures me that the old man invented a substance which, mixed with water, formed the equivalent

of petrol. Mr. Johnson himself filled the tank of his vehicle with water after the magic potion had been put into it and the vehicle ran. • But the foreman died and took the formula with-him.

Voice From Yesterday

MANY people were sorry when Mr. A. Lampert, who for many years was technical representative for Saurer interests in this country, returned to Switzerland to become a high executive of the company at Arbon. But he was still to he seen at Continental shows and he always had -time to spare to help technical journalists. Now, after nearly 45 years of service with the house of Saucer, he is due to retire on Tuesday.

He will continue to visit some of the exhibitions and hopes to see some of his British friends there.

Prize Passage

GLANCING through a new book on oilengines, I was N--.11 rewarded by this glimpse of the ludicrons: " If, for example, the trouble is due to a broken part such as a valve spring or to a choked nozzle the repair is effected by the process of replacement with a spare part." I think the author must be naid by thc word

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