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Passing Comments

27th November 1936
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Page 26, 27th November 1936 — Passing Comments
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Opening a Banking rHATTING with a bank Account with an A ii•-• manager the other day, he

Licence told us of a visit he had re ceived from two hauliers who were desirous of opening a joint account with the branch. Questioned as to the amount of money they had to put on deposit, or in a current account, it wa3 revealed that their combined efforts could raise only a pound or two. When it was suggested that the amount was rather small, one of the partners remarked hopefully—"Aye, we ain't got much money—but we've got an A licence! "

More Facilities AvailXCEPT IONAL opportu ni able for Good TechI-4 ties for technical education nical Training . . are now afforded to a big per centage of the population. The new South-East Essex Technical College, at Dagenham, is an outstanding example. In the engineering section the-heat-engines laboratory is one of the most comprehensive which we have seen. It includes a Ricardo variable-compression engine for oil or petrol,

a Perkins oil engine with water brake, a Ford petrol engine with electric dynamometer, and a Crossley gas engine with a mechanical brake. Such facilities are rarely seen outside fuel companies' laboratories. Within a few weeks the number of students was 4,000, and extensions are being planned to cope with the inevitable growth.

THE employees of the Chrysler and Dodge concerns at Kew have received another and very pleasant surprise, for they have just been informed that a third bonus is to be given to them at Christmas. The total amount is £800,000, but this will be shared amongst the 67,000 employees of the Chrysler Corporation all over the world. There was,a, bonus of £460,000 on St. Valentine's Day, and another £400,000 on August Bank Holiday. These total the enormous sum of £1,660,000. It ls a handsome reward for a recordbreaking year in the volume of sales and turnover.

Another Pleasant Surprise for a Maker's Employees . .

An Unrehearsed EpiA HITHERTO unchronicled sode at the Motor 1Th event at the Olympia

Show Motor Show created some

slight consternation. On the Thornycroft stand was displayed a number of oil engines. A visitor suggested to an attendant that a certain engine could not be started by hand. The attendant adjusted the half-compression device, turned the crankshaft, and then put the device out of action. The engine was not connected up to any fuel tank, but immediately there were several startling explosions. An ornamental false end which had been attached to the silencer was blown off and volumes of smoke issued, whilst the Olympia Brigade rushed up, thinking that a fire had occurred. This surprising result was due to the residue of oil in the fuel pump. Peeps into the Future poR a number of years this in Highways ConstrueI journal has advocated the

tion provision of roads built to meet the needs of the future. The requirements have been discussed in detail from time to time, and it is interesting to see many of these covered in the striking pictures which accompany the advertisements of the Cement and Concrete Association, a series of which has been seen recently in the daily Press. Fly-over junctions, subways for pedestrians, and elevated footpaths are some of the schemes that have been cleverly " put-over " by the Association, and no little credit is due to the artist who has produced such convincing drawings. We welcome this attempt further to educate the public as to the form our roads should take if safety is to be achieved.

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