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27th November 1923
Page 18
Page 18, 27th November 1923 — Chevrolet.
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10-cwt, Van. 14-seater Bus. Traveller's Brougham.

STAND No. 33.

TIIVE exhibits are available for in spection on the Chevrolet stand, consisting of a 10-cwt, van, a traveller's brougham mounted on a similar chassis, and three 1-ton models. One of the lastnamed is shown as a stripped chassis; another in the form of a 1-ton box van, and the third is fitted with a 14-seater enclosed body of the pay-as-you-enter variety. The 1-ton chassis is sturdily constructed on orthodox transatlantic lines, embodying a four-cylinder sidevalve engine with detachable head, a compact . unit-constructed three-speed gearbox, enclosed propeller shaft and a bevel-driven back axle, The suspension is by quarter-elliptic springs at the front and semi-elliptics at the back. Both brakes operate on the same wheel drums, consisting of external contracting bands and internal-expanding shoes. A starting motor and dynamo are pace vided on this chassis, and these fittings are also to be found on the 10-cwt. models.

The 14-seater bus is smartly finished in two shades of red and white, a creamcoloured top setting off the whole. A wide door is provided on the near side opposite the driver's single seat, so that one man can both operate the vehicle and collect. the fares. From this doorway a wide gangway leads between the double seats on the left and single seats on the right, The traveller's brougham is a smartlooking vehicle of the totally enclosed type, ample accommodation for samples being provided behind the driver's corapertinent. A sliding panel in the partition behind the front seats gives access to the goods carried, there being also a rear door of ample width fitted with a Yale lock. The 1Q-cwt. delivery van is suitable for the rapid delivery of comparatively light loads, and the body has an exceedingly striking appearance. The colour scheme is carried out in primrose, blue and black, alternate strips of these tints at once catching the eye. Oval windows are provided on each side .of the driver's compartment and large doors are fitted to the back of the body.

The van body fitted to the 1-ton eha.ssis is very similar to the 10-cwt. type. All the Chevrolet models are sold with a very comprehensive equipment and are fitted with pneumatic tyres on detachable rims and artillery-type wheels-. Made by the General Motors of Canada, Ltd., the factory where these cars are produced is, of course, within the British Empire, and the price at which they are sold in this country makes them extremely attractive propositions.