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ONE HEARS Of an ice Ford.

27th June 1922, Page 3
27th June 1922
Page 3
Page 3, 27th June 1922 — ONE HEARS Of an ice Ford.
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Of Tarmac and butter-pat. That the boom is on the Guy.

Of picking up in various senses.

Of the Daily Mail write-up right up.

Of small profits on too quick returns.

Of the kid glove victory over Australia.

Of rash overtaking and ready undertakers.

Of tar everywhere and feathers near the poultry farm.

Of the "old bus" with the "Twelve Pound Look."

That steering, like Time, " hath all it's locks before," That, when you are tyred, you should get a N.A.P. cushion.

That the Allen Liversidge film contains very little, if any, gas.

And that publicity by film is likely to extend.

" This can't go on!" as the driver said when his hack axle broke.

That the new Yorkshire wagon will beat the R.A.S. Show at Cambridge.

That the horrible condition of roads in Poland suggests use of a metal Polish.

That the C.M.IJ.A. fought to boot the Bill, and all owners of transport vehicles should foot the bill to boot.

That the Southdown company's proposal to turn Brighton Aquarium into a motor coaching station has raised a storm in the town. • That sobriety amongst ahe passengers may be essential to coaching comfort, but it's quite an advantage to have a roof top that, goes rolling home.

That our article on the new 7-ton Yorkshire steam wagon, which was the first full and illustrated description published, created enormous interest, both amongst users and makers of road transport vehicles, Of boost and boom.

Of a trailer with a wag on.

That poor Railway Bill is' dead.

Of cutting remarks at cut rates.

Of a steam six-wheeled tractor lorry. That the Trojan is not a wooden horse.

Of "Auld Reekie " and over-lubrication.

" When is a car a van ? "—" When it's a caravan."

Of the Parcels Post and the nimble (?) ninepence.

"Travel in style at a halfpenny a mile "—on the Trojan.

That many a user is a mituser, although not of the fair sex.

Of dignity and impudence—the Leyland " eight " and the Trojan.

And that a baby Tank might well envy some of the performances of the Trojan.

That the system of rebates on imported vehicles has its drawbacks.

That we have the road hog to thank for the retention of the speed limit, A query as to why the elegant van man in the Slough advert,, begins unloading at the bottom tier.

That fewer people risk third-class discomfort on the railway now that they can have first-class comfort on a motor coach.