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Personal Pars.

27th January 1920
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Page 5, 27th January 1920 — Personal Pars.
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Sir Herbert Austin made a convincing speech to the Austin shareholders last week, when he secured their assent to the big capital increase. The concern, with whom negotiations on a• million and a quarter be as are proceeding; is rumoured to be the General Motor. Co., of America.

One of the moat indefatigable workers with whom we havehad the lileasure of coming into contact is Captain S.. I3rampore, M. C. , A. M.I. Mech. E., the publicity manager for David Brown and Sons, Ltd.

Captain Bramley-Moore has 'been practically brought up on worm gears, as before the war he was chief designer to the company ; during the latter part of the war he was instructor in motor engineering and driving at one of the chief' trainhag centres in England, but previous to this he had served in France where he won his M.G.

Few men whom we have met possess such a fund of knowledge on all subjects, even...the most obscure. We believe that lie has already written a book connected with the evolution of the world, and 'we suggest that his next work should he entitled "The Evolution of a Worm from the Tinae,it Leaves the Earth until it Reaches the Axle." A neat little book of instruction written .by him during the war is entitled "Motors in a Nut Shell."

In, our last issue we referred to the ;remodelling of the board Of directors of Clayton and Co..{Fluddersfield), Ltd., but we 'were not writing from information officially communicated to us. We now learn that the name of Mr. R. A. Jones, the London director, who hae, been On the beard since 1911, :should have been included in the list given.

Vickers, Ltd., have a very live representative for Scotland in the person of Mr. Maurice Chapman, who is well known in the trade, particularly amongst those commercial-vehicle manufacturing. oonceros 'situated at the other side of the Border.

Mr. Jackson Millar, Junr., returned from France in March, 1919, to take up a position' as commercial manager with Halley's Industrial Motors, Ltd.', at Glasgow. This is not his first connection with the company as he has been in it practically all his life and received part of his training at the Halley works. Before the war he was expert manager for the company, but be . joined up in August, 1914, and was sent, 'to" France on November 14th. By the time of the Armistice he had risen to the rankof major and was D.A.HT, at G.H.Q. He is a man of considerable charmand personality, and is certainly not a square peg in a round hole.

Few men in the motor trade are so well known or so well liked as Mr. R. Barry Cole, the sales manager of Calednu Motors, Ltd.. Ha entered the_ cycle trade in 1896, being associated with .Perry and Co., Ltd., Birmingham.. From thence he migrated to the Garrard Motorcycle C6., Ltd.,-. Which • 1.V410 deVoted • to the manufacture of Clement-Garrard :motorcycles and cycle chains. In 1904 he went. to Talbots as :secretary and remained thereMail 1909, -when he -joinedeCommenial Cars, Ltd., of Luton, as sales manager. In February, '1915, he joined Caledore Motors, Ltd., who, owe much of their success to his perspicacity and genial relations with the rest of the trade.

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