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Passing Comments

26th March 1948, Page 26
26th March 1948
Page 26
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Page 26, 26th March 1948 — Passing Comments
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Something Like a ONE of the most startling lyre—It Carries 25 exhibits in the gallery at Ton, . the Geneva Show was a huge excavator tyre, shown by Firestone. One had to stand by it to realize how big it really was, its diameter being 8 ft. 5 ins. Constructed with 34 layers of cord, this tyre weighs 2.140 lb., and will carry a maximum load of over 55,000 lb., or about 25 tons.

Export Men Have Ad"THE sales director of venturous Trip to Wingard (M.A.), Ltd., Mr.

South Africa. . H. R. Allcard, recently left this country to reside in South Africa, where his task is to promote the sales of the products of the company. With a colleague, Mr A Mechin, he left England at the beginning of December in a private aeroplane, and, after a number of vicissitudes, arrived safely in January. On the way the aeroplane was delayed at El Adem because a brake cable snapped after the machine had toucheddown, with the result that it veered from the runway, but escaped further damage. On the way to Nairobi

A24 the pilot lost his way, and as the only open spaces were marshes, often infested with crocodiles, a pancake landing was made in the scrub, resulting in the bending of two large light-alloy forgings. These were rougnly straightened, using a 10-ft. dthin pipe operated by natives, 'After a risky take-off, with only the pilot in the machine, he again became lost as the result of a compass defect, eventually landing on a road, but the weakened undercarriage collapsed and there was much other damage. The rest of the journey had to be completed by rail and sea.

Abolish Workmen's A LMOST every expert in Fares : They are Now "road passenger transport Anomalies . . . . that one meets is convinced

that the privileged fares for " workmen " should be abolished. In these days there is little distinction in respect of incomes—in fact, the so-called black-coated worker is often less well off. In addition, the staggering of hours and the shift system have made matters more difficult. There is now no real reason why one section of the travelling public should subsidize any other.

casing Engine Starting IF difficult engine starting be When Weather is -1L experienced in cold weather Damp . and all the parts seem to be working quite well in other respects, it may he caused by moisture forming on the ignition system This can apply to the hightension wires if they be frayed or worn or to actual short-circuits at the top of the coil or from the plug terminals to the bodies of the plugs. A lamp in the bonnet will pre-vent the trouble, or it may be cured by Wiping with dry rags, but the Lodge people suggest that, in many cases, quicker starting can be obtained by reducing the gap at the plug points from the normal of, say, 0.018 in to 0.015 in The points may be opened to the proper gap when better weather arrives. Perspex Covers to r-1NE of the problems of the Shield Welding Glasses •—f welding industry is to pro from Spatter . . feet from spatter the coloured filter glass in an operator's helmet or hand screen Such glasses are somewhat expensive, whilst spattering causes poor visibility, possibly leading to welding faults In this connection the Murex concern has introduced Perspex covers fhe.y are made in a special grade of this plastic, and whilst giving adequate protection for a considerable time are scarcely marked by spatter, even at close quarters. If the surface should become slightly marked and dim, it can be fully restored-, using a soft cloth and a few drops of metal polish They also act as protection for the glass, for they will not break if helmets or shields be dropped or if anything falls on to them.


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