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Run-off ends in tie

26th June 1970, Page 22
26th June 1970
Page 22
Page 22, 26th June 1970 — Run-off ends in tie
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by Ashley Taylor • Equal points were registered by B. Moore and A. Twinham in the run-off of the LDoY round at Leeds last Sunday. Performance in the road section, brought in as the deciding factor, gave the decision to the former. In the run-off, the class winners drove identical light six-wheelers.

There was an entry of 146 drivers and 25 teams, best of the latter proving to be the Ministry of Public Building and Works.

Heavy penalties were exacted on both the Highway Code questions and the road circuit, a surprise casualty, substantially from this cause, being Chris O'Reilly who was last year's Leeds winner and a finals champion.

At this round a special trophy is awarded to the best driver on the round circuit; this proved to be A. D. Bottomley with a loss of eight points. Although, nowadays, there is no class for Crown and Services vehicles, Leeds continues to award such a trophy and this went to K. M. Townend, of the IVIPBW. A. Abbott of the same organization, was the first competitor to have a clean sheet in the severe Highway Code section.

Consistent support of the LDoY over a period of three years, without having won a major trophy, gives competitors at Leeds the opportunity of securing a special award. This time it went to R. Keeble. third in class A, who secured a second place in 1968 and a fifth place in 1969. RESULTS Rigid vehicles

Class A: up to 20ft and over 1 ton unladen: 1, A. Abbott (Min. Pub. Bldg. and Works) Karrier, 92 points; 2, J. D. Borrill (Westgate Motors) Austin, 105 points; 3, R. Keeble (Leeds Telephones) Morris, 112 points.

Class B: over 20ft to 24ft: 1, .1. T. Roberson (Kraft Foods Ltd) Bedford, 82 points; 2, C. O'Reilly {Petrofina (UK) Ltd) AEC, 92 points; 3, G. Chapman (Shell-Mex and BP Ltd) Leyland, 107 points. Class C; over 24ft to 28ft: 1, A. D. Bottomley (Arthur Rayner Haulage Ltd) Bedford, 41 points; 2, K. M. Townend (Min. Pub. Bldg. and Works) Bedford, 47 points; 3, T. Haynes (CadburySchweppes Ltd) Bedford, 129 points.

Class D: over 28ft: 1, E. Bishop (Petrofina (UK) Ltd) ERF, 91 points; 2. T. McBride (Wilson and Haigh) AEC, 125 points: 3, A. Collingworth (BRS Ltd) Austin, 159 points.


Class E; flat or sided, flat or drop-frame, up to 33ft: 1. A. Twinham (Crofts (Engineers) Ltd) Commer, 204 points: 2, J. Free (Crofts (Engineers) Ltd) Cornmer, 216 points; 3, R. Stowell (Express Dairies Ltd) Karrier. 406 points. Class F: box or tank to 33ft: 1, D. Briggs (Shell-Mex and BP Ltd) AEC, 154 points; 2, J. Richardson (National Carriers Ltd) Ford. 346 points; 3, W. Bennett (British Oxygen Co Ltd) Leyland. 204 points.

Class G: flat or sided, flat of drop-frame, over 33ft: 1, S. Hamill (Yorkshire Imperial) Atkinson, 190 points; 2, S. Ward (Yorkshire Imperial) Bedford, 191 points; 3, J. Middlemass (National Carriers Ltd) Bedford. 204 points.

Class H: box or tank over 33ft: 1. B. Moore (Esso Petroleum Co Ltd) Leyland. 162 points; 2, H. Dibb (Smith, Parkinson and Cole) Scammell, 170 points; 3, B. Taylor (Esso Petroleum Co Ltd) Leyland, 203 points.

Overall winner: B. Moore.

Team award; Ministry of Public Building and Works.

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