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More Motors for Westminster.

26th June 1923, Page 8
26th June 1923
Page 8
Page 8, 26th June 1923 — More Motors for Westminster.
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IP"Highways Committee of the Westmin.ster City Council re.commends the purchase of three Karrier motor wagons at a cost of £894 each. The sum of £6,000 is provided in the estimates for the current financial year for the purchase of six new motors.

For the present the committee purposes to purchese threz, 3-4-ton chassis., These are to replace' losses in the number of horses in the department, and, in addition, there are four old motors which mast either be completely reconstructed or disposed of. Sieee the committee will not get. delivery of the three new motors, complete with bodies, now proposed to be purchased for some time, viz., about ten or twelve weeks, it has not yet decided whether it will recommend the council to dispose of the old motors or have them reconditioned.

Quotations were invited for either three or six chassis, 'and the committee had before it and considered tenders isheived from 13 ,firms. The prices, based on the purchase of three chassis, are as set out below :--Price per chaseis.


Guy Motors, Ltd, ... ... 596 0 Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd.

(3-ton) ... ... 625 0 B26

_Dennis Brothers, Ltd. 646.

British Mf'.-/rce-des, Ltd. f,INfilnes Daimler chassis excluding rubber. tyres £35 per set) ... ... 625 0 Associated Equipment 'Co.,

Ltd. (with Tyler engine) 680 0 Associated Equipment Co.,

Ltd. (with A.E.C.

engine) ... 765 0 Matidslav Motor Co.. Ltd.

Leyland Motors, Ltd. ,.. 680 0 Karrer Motors, Ltd. ... 704 0

Karrier Motors, Ltd. (fitted with Eagle. body and cab) 894 0 Thornyeroft, Jahn I., and

'Cr., Ltd. (3. type) 715 0 Walker Bros. (Wigan), Ltd. 765 0 Straker-Squirs, Ltd. 856 10.

The city cleansing surveyor has :reported On the tenders, and after careful consideration the committee is of opinion that it would be most advantageous to

680 0 the council to accept the tender of Kirrier Motors, Ltd., for three 3-4-ton chassis fitted with Eagle bodies and cabs: The council at the present time has four Kerner motor wagons, similar to those proposed to be purchased, and the city cleansing surveyor informs the committee that these wagons are eminently suitable for the council's purpose and give satisfaction in every way.

The committee points out that if the council were to follow the policy of nue. chashig motors of many different types .there -would necessarily be a very, large increase in the number of spare parts to be stocked. At the present time it appears that the fleet should be standardized so far as possible, and for this and the foregoing reasons the purchase oi only three motors, by increasing the number of thepresent fleet of Karriers, is recommended. The price of a Earner 3-4-ton chassis, ba.sed on the purchas-e of three such Chassis, is £704. This does not include the provision of a body, tipping gear and cab, which will be supplied by the Eagle Engineering Co., Ltd. (the firm which has supplied all the recent. bodies supplied to the council), for the sum of £1.90,

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