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Output Steady

26th January 1951
Page 28
Page 28, 26th January 1951 — Output Steady
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Exports Drop

PRODLICT1ON of commercial vehicles in November continued at the rate established in October, hut exports dropped. The number and value of October's shipments were the highest ever known.

During November, the weekly average output was 5,485 units, compared with 5,471 in October. The total production fat the month was 21.940 vehicles, of which 13,443 were for export and 8,497 for the home market.

Altogether 21,114 goods vehicles. road haulage tractors and special-type vehicles were built, of which 9,593 were of up to 15 cwt. capacity, 10,839 were between 15 cwt. and 6 tons, and 682 over 6 tons. The 703 passenger vehicles constructed consisted of 431 single-deck and 254 double-deck motorbuses, and 18 trolleybuses. In addition, 123 battery-electrics were manufactured.

In the first 11 months of last year. production rose to 239,846 units, of which 151.460 were for export and 88,386 for home users. The output of 228,023 goods vehicles, road haulage tractors and special types was divided into 109,792 under 15 cwt., 112,180 between 15 cwt. and 6 tons. and 6,051 over 6 tons.

In addition, 10,431 motorbuses and trolleybuses were built, consisting of 6,256 single-deck and 3,919 double-deck A26 motorbuses, and 256 trolleybuses.

Battery -electrics numbered 1,392. During the first 11 months of 1950, 565 pedestrian-controlled electric vehicles and 5.872 works trucks were produced.

November's shipments of 12,370 vehicles, including industrial trucks and trailers, were valued at £5,767,644. compared with 14.384 units (£6,451,061) in October. During the first 11 months of last year. 142.487 units (£59.860,343) were shipped. In addition, 2.810 used commercial vehicles (£2,125,738) and 77,672 agricultural tractors (£27.269,504) were exported. The value of shipments of parts and accessories rose to £47,557.026.


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