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lbw a tilt-cab Commer...

26th August 1966, Page 50
26th August 1966
Page 50
Page 50, 26th August 1966 — lbw a tilt-cab Commer...
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. . and improved braking or medium-weight 7ootes models

HE main changes to Commer and Karrier models which will L be featured at the Commercial Motor Show ate improved aking for Commer medium-weight models (4to 8-tonners

d a 17.5-ton g.t.w. tractive unit) and three Karrier Gamecocks, e introduction of a long-wheelbase version of the Commer Walktru and the addition of the Dodge KL600 to the Commer range. le last point means that there is now a Commer with a tilt cab, as is is the first Dodge model that will be sold under the Commer me.

Changes to the Commer models result in a change of model signation. There are six chassis involved—the VB.4, 5, 6, 7 and bur-wheelers and the VB.12 tractive unit. The figure in the model .mber indicates nominal payload capacity and the previous suffix ters were VA. On all these models braking is now by a dual airsisted-hydraulic system. A Clayton Dewandre dual air-pressure tuator and tandem master cylinder is fed from separate reservoirs .d the hydraulic circuits to the axles are independent of each other. Similar systems are used on some existing British commercial hides and the main feature is that in the event of a single airessure failure there is partial braking on both axles and there is 1 braking on one axle if there is a hydraulic failure. The VB.8 can obtained with a full air-pressure system; an air-assisted handake is standard for this model and also for the tractive unit. The three Karrier Gamecock models have the same design of -Over-hydraulic divided-line braking system. These are the B.4, 5 and 6 with nominal load capacities of 4, 5 and 6 tons. As well as the change in the braking system, the Commer and irrier models involved have their specifications altered by the :orporation of Lucas 10 AC alternators and negative earth ;ctrical systems, and in Commer VB chassis an improved-design arument panel has been introduced. But apart from these anges the chassis are the same as their predecessors.

Gross weight rating of the Dodge KL600 chassis, which is to be ailable as a Commer, is 10.27 tons giving it a nominal payload capacity of 6 tons. The model is designed to give a low loading height and has a drop-centre frame and 17 in.diameter wheels. Top-of-frame height, laden, is only 2 ft. lin. and the model designation given by Commer is LA.6.

The chassis is available in three wheelbases-11 ft. 8 in., 13 ft. and 15 ft.—the longest providing a body length of up to 21 ft. and there are also alternative engine and gearbox options. The engine can be the Chrysler/Cummins V6 developing 130 b.h.p. or the high-rated Perkins 6.354 giving 120 b.h.p., whilst the standard gearbox is a five-speed constant mesh unit; a five-speed synchromesh box is optional. Vacuum-assisted hydraulic braking is used.

Except for the name Commer on the front, the cab is the same as when it is used by Dodge. Interior fittings are to a high standard and easy tilting, controlled by a torsion bar, is provided.

Prices of the Commer LA.6, 11 ft. 8 in.-wheelbase chassis /cab are £1,775 when the Chrysler /Cummins V6 is fitted and £90 less when the Perkins 6.354 is specified. The longer wheelbase models cost £5 and £10 more respectively in both cases.

Only the chassis /cab version of the Commer Walk-Thru will be available in the new longer wheelbase-12 ft. 11 in.—and only the 3-ton-payload version will be produced with this length. Gross weight rating is 5.55 tons and there are two engine options—the Rootes six-cylinder 85 b.h.p. petrol engine or the Perkins 4.236 80 b.h.p. four-cylinder diesel. The design follows that of existing Walk-Thru models except that Girling hydraulic brakes giving a total facing area of 267 sq. in. are operated by a divided-line system incorporating a tandem master cylinder and twin servos. A Lucas 10 AC alternator is a standard fitting.

The changes listed for the Commer medium-weight models and the Walk-Thru naturally apply to these chassis when sold under the Dodge name. The long-wheelbase Walk-Thru then carries the designation KB400 and Dodge also markets the 4-, 5-, 6and 7-tonners from the medium-weight range as the Dodge K400, K500, K600 and K700 respectively.


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