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ilodified Land-Rover and New Pick-up

25th September 1953
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Page 39, 25th September 1953 — ilodified Land-Rover and New Pick-up
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Increased Payload Space and Improved Bodywork : Pick-up Has Wheelbase of 8 ft. 11 in. and Can Carry 10 Passengers

N increase in the wheelbase from 80 in. to 86 in., a 25 per cent. greater payload space and a num7 of bodywork improvements are tures of the new Land-Rover which s announced yesterday by The ver Co., Ltd., Solihull, Birmingham. important addition to the range is pick-up truck with a wheelbase of r in.

['he pick-up is similar to the hard' version of the Land-Rover from front bumper to the back of the , and, apart from the hood fittings so on, the related modifications are common to the standard LandTer.

he extended wheelbase of the LandTer, in conjunction with longer rear ngs, improves the suspension, and angularity of the propeller shaft is iced. The length of the springs has increased from 42 in. to 48 in., the spring rate has been changed n 165 lb. per in. to 180 lb. per in. he facia panel has large instruments he car type, wide parcel comparttts on each side and a neat grab rail ned by the top ledge. The pedals mounted at a conventional angle in oping toeboard, and the gear lever (tended to within a short distance of steering wheel.

he scuttle has been increased in height and handle-operated ventilators are fitted as standard between the base of the windscreen and bonnet. The doors are of more robust construction and, in the interests of rigidity, the steady bracket has been lowered to the level of the scuttle. Sliding half-lights are fitted in the windows and the signalling flap has been removed from the door fence plate, which is of increased depth.

Large-section sealing rubber is fitted all round the doors, and on the standard Land-Rover the hood rail forms a rain gutter in which the canopy is a close lit. A channel-section gutter is attached to the forward hoop to act as a stay, the door closing against the stay to make a seal and to give support to the hood structure.

The raised scuttle enables the windscreen to be folded fiat, with the spare wheel mounted on the bonnet. The screen is supported in this position by stays attached to the top rail, which are held by the bonnet catches. When not in use the stays are folded back along the rail.

Other modifications to the LandRover include removal of the sparewheel well at the back to provide a flat floor, although the rear compartment may still be used for storing the wheel.

Body length behind the front seat has been increased by 9 in. and the unladen weight (with five gallons of petrol) by 154 lb. to bring the total up to 2,702 lb. The payload additional to the weight of two passengers remains unaltered at 1,000 lb.

The Rover four-cylindered engine developing 52 b.h.p. at 4,000 r.p.m. and the standard transmission components, with the same gear ratios, are fitted to all the vehicles in the range. Except for the extensions necessitated by the longer wheelbase, the chassis frames are similar to the former design.

Improved Cooling The radiator has a pressure cap to raise the boiling point and obviate loss of. water through surge. An oil-bath air cleaner is standard equipment and the oil filter is of the by-pass type. A pump intake filter is also fitted.

When the high-ratio transfer box is in operation, the selection of four-wheel drive is optional, but the drive is automatically engaged when the low-ratio transfer box is in use. The first-gear ratios are 16.17 to 1 and 40.69 to 1 respectively when the high-ratio range and low-ratio range of the transfer box are engaged. The corresponding topgear ratios are 5.39 to 1 and 13.58 to I.

The unladen weight of the pick-up truck is 3,088 lb., and the payload is 1,120 lb. The rear compartment extends 6 ft. behind the cab and a locker is fitted behind the wheel-arch on each side. The height of the body sides has been increased by about 6 in. compared with the height of the Land-Rover.

A de-lime model having numerous cab refinements is also marketed. These include a head lining of plastic-covered felt, three cushions, a thick one-piece back rest covered with plastic-woven fabric, blue leathercloth lining of the instrument panel and of the parcel compartments, doors and rear panels, padded waist rails and the addition of door pockets.

A canvas hood, a tonneau cover and rear seats are available for the rear compartment. There is room for eight passengers in addition to the driver and two front-seat passengers.

Prices of Land-Rover models are: Basic (7 ft. 2 in. wheelbase), £570; pickup (standard), £635; pick-up (de luxe), £655; fire engine, £905; welding outfit, £915.


Locations: Birmingham

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