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One Hears

25th September 1953
Page 31
Page 31, 25th September 1953 — One Hears
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Keywords : Politics

That fusion is better than confusion.

That the Labour Party seems to be suffering from uclear fission. 0 . . . and ought to give a hearing to many points of iew—as the " C.M." does.

Of Punch reporting that Londoners accepted the nv fares with remarkably good grace.

That many of them had been seen actually queueig up for the privilege of doing so.

That after repairing buses all day, workers at eyland's repair factory have to "run a mile" to get ises home.

From Turkey, of a scheme, instigated by the Steyr .ganization involving the erection of an oil engine, rry and tractor factory, in Izmir. That loss of temper means loss of care.

More fares to be raised. More hopes to be razed. More cash to be raised—somehow.

That the outlook for world peace would be more hopeful if nations could agree to differ.

That it would be better still if they could agree to agree.

Of someone who thought the "ban on party a-dvertising " would stop broadcasts by Members of Parliament.

That it might even stop Kenneth and George from " plugging " Mrs. Braddock.

Of someone noting a reduction in " reliefs " on his bus route this summer and ascribing it (rightly or . .wrongly) to the increasing number of private cars.


Organisations: Labour Party
Locations: Izmir

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