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25th October 1921
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Page 3, 25th October 1921 — ONE HEARS
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

Of less th,an pre-war prices.

Talk of our " taking " cover.

"The only thing like it in the Show."

Of German elation ,at the mark's deflation.

A reminder to Germany that fair exchange is no jobbery.

That " Shell Corner" is all right ; but why rub it in?

That our Olympian thumbnails were talked about.

That the largest type of motor coach has virtually disappeared.

That prices just now are like old-fashioned featherbeds—all down.

That a parallel spline is not a cure for curvature. spinal That there's none so unemployed as those who won't work.

That declining prices are better than declined purchases.

That, though the fall is painful for the moment, it will be "good for trade in the near future.

"That the old salutation, "How are you coming up I" might take the form, "When are you coming down?"

From the Glasgow Corporation Gentlemen, you may not smoke ! '

Of Smith Minor translating ignis fatting as the " intermittent miss."

Suggested alternative title for the "Movie" series --" A tyre and attire."

That several new ideas in coach hood design were revealed by the Show.

Nothing of the projected London-Manchester nightly anotor coach services.

That John o' London knows how to spell char-he banes—and the plural of the word, That Scotland Yard authorities have fads and fancies in connection with coach body design.

That if the summer weather continues, the motor coach close season is likely to be of short duration.

That some vehicles and bodies at the Show looked as though they had been rushed through the works.

That it is bad policy to make excuses for the condition of such exhibits.

That it was a happy idea of a, provincial manufaeturing and operating concern to bring their employes up to the Show by one of their own buses at so much per head. Of hooded snakes and snakey hoods.

That the usual string of silly questions was asked.

Of a works manager who finds a delight in the export department.

That the Ford and its adaptations were not at all numerous at the Show.

That the value of the "Dunlop Commercial Motor" efficiency chart has been seen at-a-glance."

Of several mechanical enthusiasts who were nearly decapitated at Olympia by the descent of tipping bodies.

That the latter might provide salesmen with a useful weapon with which to rid themselves of persons who are too prone to examine the mechanical features behind the engine. --0— Of an increasing tendency to give the driver a lift up in the world, and to bring him to the front— of the chassis.

Of eminent engineers in conclave near a certain chassis much.. puzzled by a peculiar valve arrangement. "Why does he do it ? " was the burden of their complaint.

A query as to where-all the loassengers are 'coming from for the luxurious types of bus and coach bodies seen recently.

That one must eater either for the third-class or the first-class passenger of the road. Don't forget, however, that there are more empty firsts than thirds on the railways! •Verb. sap.

—0 A query-as to why a certain designer goes to the trouble of fitting underslung rear springs, and then neutralizes the frame-lowering advantages of the arrangement by extraordinarily long spring brackets.

That if is wonderful how a little movement will draw a crowd. It was a stroke of genius that put that model tipper on the Leyland stand. The exhibits helped, of course, but the toy tipper really did the trick.


Organisations: Scotland Yard
Locations: Manchester, London

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