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The Wheels of Industry.

25th May 1916, Page 9
25th May 1916
Page 9
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Page 9, 25th May 1916 — The Wheels of Industry.
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The wheel of wealth will be slowed by all difficulties of transport at whatever points arising, as a carriageis

by the roughness of the roads over which it runs."—,Tohn Beattie Crozier.

Proposals and Purchases by Local Authorities.

The Bradford Guardians havepurchased a Garford van, at £395.

Hornsey Borough Council has voted 2600 for the purchase of a three-ton rubber-tired steamwagon.

The Main Roads Committee of the Cheshire County 'Council has resolved to spend 13000 on motor wagons and trailers.

A proposal, by the electrical engineer of Southend-on-Sea, to purchase a battery-equipped coal wagon, has been deferred.

The Southend-on-Sea Town Council is moving to curtail the plYingfor-hire of certain motorbuses between Leigh and surrounding ditaints.

L.G.B. L.G.B. sanction to a loan of 21100 is confidently expected by the Selby U.D.C., for expenditure on the acquirement of a more efficient fireengine.

The Highways and Bridges Committee of the East Riding c4 'Yorks. County Council has asked the War Office to out down the unnecessary use of heavy motors by the military for unimportant purposes.

The Cupar (Fife) Town Council is proceeding with negotiations for the acquirement of a Motor fireengine ; various important local ratepayers, through the Cupar District Committee, have intimated that they will not recommend the payment of a retaining fee for the Cupar Brigade unless it be so equipped.

The Trafford Chassis.

The programme in band for the manufacturs of the Trafford chassis, at the hands of a combination of motorcar agents throughout the country, to which combination we last referred at length in our issue of the 10th February, has been unavoidably hindered by war conditions. The promoters, in fact, are experiencing the same troubles as those by which niany intending new manufacturers have found themselves increasingly beset since the end of 1914. A certain number of Trafford chassis, as no-w advertised by the Trafford Engineering Co.'s agents, will be taken from a delivery of complete chassis which have been . purchased from America. They are not precisely the same as the British-made chassis will be, when the company is finally able to get to work, but they are undoubtedly of a serviceable type, and should help to" break the ice." The Government has commandeered the

works of the Trafford Engineering Co., Ltd., at Trafford Park, Manchester, together with the machinery installed in the buildings. The proprietors are therefore seeking new premises, and making the necessary arrangements to overcome contemporary difficulties.

B.M.C. Arbitration Award.

Mr. Bowerman, in the House of Commons last week, asked the President of the Board of Trade whether his attention had been drawn to the stoppage of several hundreds of motor drivers employed by the British Motor Cab Co., Ltd. -; whether he was aware that this company, acting with the union representing the men, placed on the 26th April before a .Court of Arbitration, constituted by the Chief Industrial Commissioner, the points in difference between the company and the men ; that the award of the Court was against the claim of the company ; that the company, the day after receiving the award, entirely ignored it by requesting the workmen to sign a document in favour of the course rejected by the arbitrators ; and whether, in view of the public inconvenience occasioned by the stoppage, he would bring pressure to bear upon the company

to conform to the terms of the • award?

Replying, Mr. Runcirnan said : I am aware of the fact that difficulty has occurred in connection with this matter, and the Department are in communication with the company and with the men's representatives.

Mr. W. Thorne : In the event of a firm or company going to arbitration, and the Arbitration Court deeiding against them, and the following day they insist upon the workmen signing an agreement contracting out, what position are you going to take up in regard to the company ?

Mr. Runeirrian : If and when the case arises I will try to deal with it., Mr. W. Thorne : That is the ease

here. • Mr. Runeiman : T cannot go beyond the statement in this ease. Communications are passing between the company, the men s representatives, and ourselves.

Recent Registrations.

Bessemer Motor Co., Ltd. (£5590), with its office at 1, Albemarle Street, W.

Albion Carriage and Motor Body Works, Ltd (2.300), with its office at 2, Albion Gardens, Dalling Road, Hammersmith, W.

Efficiency Oil Corporation of London, Ltd. (110,250), with its office at 142, Long Acre, W.C.,, to manufacture and deal in lubricants, petroleum, etc.

Societe 'Beige de Meeanique, Ltd. (110000), with its office at 10, Great Marlborough Street, W., to carry on the businesses of manufacturing all kinds of motor vehicles, and general contracting to the Government.

The Late Lt.-Col. F. W. Wright, A.S.C.

We much regret to learn of the accidental death by drowningof Lt.-Col. F. W. Wright, A.S.C., in. command of the Grove Park depot. The deceased officer saw much active service in France during the

• early months of the war. A full military funeral was given at Bromley last week. The deceased officer was fishing when th,e fatality occurred.

L.G.B. Control.

Mr. Hayes Fisher, M.P., Parliamentary Seeret,ary to the Local Government Board, speaking at the Conference of Arterial Roads, at Middlesex Guildhall, on the 19th inst., stated that the Traffic Department of the Board of Trade was in process of being abolished, and that the finances of the Road Board might hereafter be transferred to the L.G.B.

Women Taxi-drivers.

"The Gentlewoman" is responsible for the statement that the authorities of the following towns are granting, or are ready to grant, taxicab licences to women :— Canterbury ; Chatham ; Chester ; Coventry ; Derby ; Doncaster; Exeter.; Hastings ; Hull ; Leeds ; Lincoln ; Maidenhead ; Manchester; Nottingham ; Penzance.; Portsmouth ; Salisbury ; Sheffield ; Southampton ; Weymouth.

" Loose-Ietter " Signs.

The Quick Change (Loose Letter) Sign Co., of 5, Clerkenwell Road, E.C.„ is a company which specializes in metal letters for quick-change signs. The letters are lithographed in white on metal, 'and have a black background ; each set consists of 260 letters,

• with figures and punctuation marks, etc„ so that a variety of announcements can be made. We understand that the company can adapt its system for use in the panels of motorvans, suitable provision being made to prevent rattling or movement.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

A paper of considerable interest to engineers generally was read before the above body On Friday last, the 19th inst., by Mr. Daniel Adamson, member, of Hyde.

' The subject was "Spur Gearing," and the paper showed the breadth of the author's study of the subject, but did not present any new theories for discussion or criticism. As treated, the subject concerned principally the general engineer, as the gears discussed were much heavier than those to which the automobile constructor is accustomed, although, of course, the principles underlying the design of gearwheels are ale same, whether the wheels themselves are small or large. An appendix included was a very complete list of articles and books dealing with the subject, arranged chronologically, and dating so far back as 1760.

Stress of War in Russia.

'The absorption of industrial leaders upon munitions output is testified by the exceptional delay which has arisen over the despatch of awards in connection with the International Automobile Exhibition, held in St. Petersburg in .1913, under the patronage of H.I.M. the Tsar. We learn, for example, that the Albion Motor Car Co., Ltd., of Scotstoun, Glasgow, has only recently received the gold medal which was awarded to its commercial-motor vehicles at the exhibition to which we refer. We illustrate the obverse and reverse of the medal, and we may add that the diploma which accompanied it stated that the award was Made "for general design, high ground

clearance and easy springing." As one may be tempted to recall the old motto "Better late than never,' we must perforce admit that Russia this time has had good excuses for apparent-dilatoriness in an exhibition matter. London's Lady Agent.

'Miss Marian G. Paige is now. established in new offices and showrooms at 177, Gt. Portland Street, W., next door to the premises of S. Smith and Sens, Ltd.— with which company, by the way, the Editor of this journal has no connection. Miss Paige, in removing her offices from 199, Piccadilly, .and her stock from 16 and 17, Denman Place, Piccadilly Circus; is able to bring the several departments of her business under one roof, and this will no doubt be to the advantage of the business which she conducts in new and second-hand Fords, and other light vans. Business is done on cash, exchange or deferred-payment terms. Her enterprise and up-todate methods are attracting much new custom for vans.

Sales Items.

We learn that the Langham Steel Co., Ltd., of Langhasn House, Finchley Road, N.W., has supplied two one-ton Langham chassis for use in the ambulance service of the British Red Cross Society.

Messrs. F. W. Berkeley and Co., of 39, Victoria Street, S.W., have recently sold steam, tractors or wagons to the Board of Agriculture and the Isleworth Brewery Co., Ltd.

W. T. Henley's Telegraph Works Co., Ltd., of 1S, New Union Street, Moorfields, E.C., which company's works are at North Woolwicis and Gravesend, has issued an ,admir-s able pamphlet entitled "Abnormal wear of solid tires : cause and prevention." Records of unique experiences are included amongst the warnings to users.

Miss Elizabeth Asquith at the Napier Concert.

"A top hole programme ! " 'What a splendid show ! " We heard these and other pleasing comments as we came away from Messrs. Napier's concert on Friday night. It certainly was an enjoyable evening, and all concerned ought to be heartily congratulated. If the programme was excellent, the financial result was even more satisfactory. During the evening, Mr. II. T. Vane, managing director, personally announced that The Star and Garter Fund Would benefit to the extent of about £100, a decidedly-useful figure to go to one of the mostdeserving causes in the country— the helping of our tota117-disabled soldiers and sailors. It 3s difficult to discriminate, concerning a programme of such great length and brilliance. It is only necessary to say that this artistes included Mr. Billy Merson, Miss Clarice Mayne sand "That "—besides many other well known people. Miss Elizabeth Asquith gave an impressive exhibition of her talents in a recitation. written by her soldier brother, Lieut. Herbert Asquith. The Latest Austin Catalogue.

The latest Austin catalogue concerns vehicles for "military, private, commercial and ambulance

purposes!' It is designated an Interim Catalogue," is admirably printed, and commendably concise, running only to 20 pages of text and illustrations. Succinct particulars are given of the two-three-ton and the five-ton Austin commercial chassis. Copies of the catalogue can be obtained on application to the Austin Motor Co. (19l4), Ltd., Longbridge Works, Northfield, Birmingham. The catalogue is one which should be of interest not only to intending purchasers tor their own use, but also to intending commercial-motor agents.

The company points out that, whilst it is not possible to execute orders for vehicles at the moment, unless they are sanctioned by the War Office under the " release" • scheme, the catalogue is in reality an " interim" one. It is intended to do service until such time as the company can return to normal conditions. Inquiries and orders which result from its circulation will none the kiss he added to the corripany's " waiting" list,

Mounting-steps for Lorries. • The accompanying illustrations show the type Of mounting-step,

for use at the back of motor lorries, as adopted by the City of London National Gilard. The design the outcome of considerable investigations by the Officers of the Iii. T. Column of that Volunteer Corps, and particularly by Column-Corn. mander Frank Churchill1 manager of the Motor Department of J. and E. Hall, Ltd. Mr. Churchill was responsible for the carrying out of numerous experiments, with the result that a cheap and efficient mounting-step was evolved.

It will be seen that the steps, two sets of which hook on a tailboard when dropped, are hammered up in the smiths' shop out of light bar iron. Wood blocks are suitably in troduced, in order to secure the

necessary rigidity and spacing. The top blocks accommodate the hooked portion of the fittings to slight variations in thickness of the tailboard, whilst the lower blocks keep the middle and lower portions of the fittings at sufficient distances from the tailboard to allow the men who are mounting to have toeroom.

We may say that the fittings were made to the instructions of Mr. Churchill by John C. Beadle, Ltd., of Spital Street, Dartford, and this company will be pleased to give quotations to M.T. Columns of Volunteer Training Corps whose officers may be desirous to facilitate the mounting and dismounting during transport-infantry movements. The " steps " have alneady aroused the interest of Q.M.G.3.

recently transferred his energies to Leeds and London, where he is trading tinder the title of " Little's Motors." •

At the Leeds branch, the company is agent .for Albions for Leeds and district, and for G.M.C. motors throughout almost the -ivhole• of Yorkshire. The depot at 6, York Road in that city is admirably fitted out and equipped for repair work, the office being at Standard Buildings, City Square. The London address. is27, Norfolk Street, W.C.

Military Service Act.

The Editor continues to answer queries as to exemption cases. A' minimum contribution of is. to the Comforts. Fund is suggested.

The Vehicle Lights of London.

The Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis, Sir Edward R. Henry, points out' that, on and after the 1st prox.,-the police will be instructed to enforce a recent order by the Secretary of State for the. Home Department, under which all vehicles must be fitted with twolamps at the front, each si:nowing a white light, and one lamp at the rear showing a red light. This is good news for owners and drivers of commercial motors. Sir Edward Henry states that he is now satisfied that the difficulty of securing suitable lamps no longer exists, and that such lamps can he easily obtained.

Chase Trucks.

We have received 'from the Chase Motor Truck Co., of Syracuse, N.Y., copies of their latest specifications of Chase commercial vehicles, of which there are four models, of capacities ranging from three-quarters of a ton to three-and-a-half tons. These specifications are very coraplete and profuse in detail. They give all the necessary chassis dimensions to • enable the coachbuilder to cOestruct suitable bodywork, and a variety of illustrations showing-the adaptability of these chassis to all classes of commercial use are included. The prices given are, of course, in d011ars and apply only to delivery in America. The agent 'Tor this country, however, the St. George's Motor Co., Ltd., of Fulham' Road, S.W., will no doubt be With willing to quote prices to interested persons in this country.

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