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The Republic Chassis.

25th May 1916, Page 18
25th May 1916
Page 18
Page 18, 25th May 1916 — The Republic Chassis.
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A Recent Importation from America with Internal-geared Final Drive,

The British-American Import Co., Ltd., of 14, Cockspur Street, S.W., has hitherto been known to our readers as agent for Acason commercial vehicles and also as selling conversion-sets for turning Fords into one-tonners. We have

on, various occasions described these useful machines, mhich might be subject to preferential treatment to some extent by oaf readers as bein.g built in Canada and exported thence to this country. The fact that the range of Acason lorries was limited to two _sizes, 24-tanner and 34-tonner1 has influenced the company in question in selling the Republic chassis, marketed in one-ton and two-ton sizes, so that it could offer a complete selection qualified to meet the various requirements of users. The commercial-vehicle chassis now offered by this cornpAny are: one-ton Acason-Ford, one and two-ton Republics, 23: and *ton Acason, and the Aultman-Taylor tractor described on pages 249-250.

Typical Assembled Chassis.

We were recently afforded an opportunity of inspecting a, couple of the Republic machines, which• are typical .American chassis of the assembled class. There is very little difference in general design . between the two models, • a slight i

variation being _noticed n the arrangement of the Dear axle, In both cases, this is of what is described as the double-reduction type, the final drive being through spur pinion and internal gears to the rear wheels, an arrangement familiar to those of our readers who remember the old Milnes-Daimler buses, as well as to those who are acquainted with the British Berns, chassis. The loadcarrying portion of the axle is before the differential case on the one-tonne.r, and on the two-tonner is behind.

056 Continental Engines: Brown-Lipe Gearboxes.

Both models embody Continental engines and three-speed BrownLipe gearboxes ; in both cases, these units are combined and three-point suspended. The clutch employed is a multiple dry-disc one. Both the hand and foot brakes take effect on drums on the rear wheels, the foot brake being of the external-contracting, and the hand brake of the internal. expanding form. The steering wheel and gear have been arranged on the off side of the chassis, in conformity with usual British practice. The hand-brake lever and change-speed mechanism are centrally situated. The control of the engine is solely by means of one lever -on the steering wheel, the ignition being of the fixed-point type ; no accelerator pedal is supplied. The radiator is a tubular ene, contained in a pressed-steel case and with horizontally-disposed fins.

A Few Dimensions.

The one-tanner is fitted with an engine of 3:1 in. by 5 in. bore and stroke respectively, the, h.p. by R.A.C. formula being 19.6. The tires fitted are 35 ins, by 3 ins, on front and 35 ins. by 31 ins. on the rear; solids. If required, pneumatics may be supplied, the sizes being 34 ins. by 44 ins, front, and as ins. by 5 ins. rear. The wheelbase of this model as standard is 10 ft. 4 ins., the distance available for . bodywork behind driver's seat being 8 ft. 2 ins. On the two-ton ner, the engine is a, in. by WI in., which is 32 h.p. The tires are 35 ins. by 4 ins. front and 35 ins. by 6 ins. rear, single in both cases. If desired, 35 in. by 4 in. twin tires may be fitted _on the rear wheels, but this is at an extra charge of 15 guineas per chassis. The wheelbase of the two-ton chassis is 12 ft., and the distance available behind driver'a seat 9 ft. 10 ins.

The price of these machines with the usual equipment and inclusive of tires are 2360 for the one-tonner (at which price a body is included) and £505 for the twotonner without any body, although, as is usual in American machines, this latter price covers driver's seat and cushions.


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