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Getting Ready for the Royal Show.

25th June 1908, Page 9
25th June 1908
Page 9
Page 9, 25th June 1908 — Getting Ready for the Royal Show.
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The sixty-ninth annual show of the Royal Agricultural Society of England will open, at Newcastle-on-Tyne, next Tuesday, and will remain open for the four following days. There are, in the implement yard, some 40 stands which will interest those visitors who contem_ plate the purchase of motor vehicles or tractors for use on the farm or for hauling and contracting work. The following lists give the names of the ex hibitors, together with the numbers of their stands, and upon these tractors, steam and petrol wagons, motor reapers, mowers, and rollers, stores and accessories will be shown.

Steam Tractors.

The following builders will exhibit examples of their standard machines; practically all have been evolved out of traction-engine practice, but they have been modified to meet the regulations affecting the construction of heavy motors : Aveling and Porter, Limited, of Rochester (Stand No. 155); Charles Burrell and Sons, Limited, of the St. Nicholas Works, Thetford (Stand No. 6o); Clayton and Shuttleworth, Limited, of the Stamp End Works, Lincoln (Stand No. 154); William Foster and Company, Limited, of the Wellington Foundry, Lincoln (Stand No. 55); John Fowler and Company, (Leeds), Limited, of the Steam Plough Works, Leeds (Stand No. 223); Richard Garrett and Sons, Limited, of Leiston Works, Leiston, R.S.O., Suffolk (Stand No. 156); Mann's Patent Steam Cart and Wagon Company, Limited, of Pepper Road Works, Hunslet, Leeds (Stand No, 53); Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies, Limited, of The Orwell Works, Ipswich (Stands Nos. 226 and 336); Robey and Company, Limited, of Globe Works, Lincoln (Stand No. 5i); Ruston, Proctor and Company, Limited, of Sheaf Iron Works, Lincoln (Stand No. 61); Savage Brothers, Limited, of King's Lynn, Norfolk (Stand No. 152); W. Tasker and Sons, Limited, of Waterloo Iron Works, Andover, Hants (Stand No. 58); and Wallis and Steevens, Limited, of North Hants Iron Works, Basingstoke (Stand No: 54).

Oil or Petrol Tractors.

The more novel and highly-interesting examples of the spirit and oil engine will include machines by ; Ivel

Agricultural Motors, Limited, of 45, Great Marlborough Street, London, W. (Stand No. 52); Marshall, Sons, and Company, Limited, of Britannia Iron Works, Andover, Hants (Stand No. 69); and H. P. Saunderson and Company, Limited, of Elstow Works, Bedford (Stand No. 43).

Steam and Petrol Wagons.

A representative display is assured, as the undernoted names at once

testify : Fodens, Limited, of Elworth Works, Sandhach (Stand No. 40); Leyland Motors, Limited, of Leyland, Lancashire (Stand No. 57); The Seaham Harbour Engine Works, makers of the Londonderry Steam Wagon (Stand No. 37o); Mann's Patent Steam Cart and Wagon Company, Limited, of Pepper Road Works, Hunsiet, Leeds (Stand No. 53); Wallis and Steevens, Limited, of Basingstoke (Stand No. 54); and the Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon Company, of the Vulcan Works, Leeds (Stand No. 44).

Motor Mowers, Reapers, and Rollers.

The exhibits under this heading will include a machine that is shown

for the first time—Sharp's motor reaper. This was illustrated and described in "THE COMMERCIAL MOTOR of the 1st of August last. The complete list of exhibits in this division are : Barford andPerkins, of Peterborough (Stand No. 230); ThomasGreen and Son, Limited, of the Smithfield Iron Works, Leeds (Stand No. 207); Ransomes, Sims, and Jefferies, Limited, of Ipswich (Stands Nos. 226 and 336); and Sharp's AutoMower and Tractor Company, of 29, High Ousegate, York (Stand No. 45).

Accessories and Stores.

In addition to the complete machines which will be staged by the above concerns, there will be a typical collection of useful accessories and stores. These will include :—

Petrol, paraffin, lubricating oils, and. greases, by : The Anglo-American Oil Company, Limited, of 22, Billiter Street, E.G. (Stand No, 244); The British Petroleum Company, Limited, of 22, Fenchurch Street, E.C. (Stand. No. 246); Price's Patent Candle Company, Limited, of . Belmont Works, Battersea, S.W. (Stand No. 245.); and W. H. Willcox and Company, Limited,. of Southwark Street, S.E. (Stand No. 202). Other exhibitors include Crossley Brothers, Limited, of Manchester; John Crowley and Company, Limited, of Sheffield; Fastnut, Limited, of Aldermanbur3r, E.G.; The North British Rubber Company, Limited, of 2, East Road, City Road, E.C.; Joseph Owen and Sons, Limited, of Liverpool ; J. H. Peck and Company, Limited, of Wigan ; W. Rainforth and Sons, Britannia Iron Works, Lincoln ; Renter and Company, Limited, of Liverpool; Tangyes, Limited, of Birmingham ; John White, Limited, of 291 and 293, Edgware Road, London, W. • and, in addition to its lubricant exhibits, an assortment of engineers' sundries and tools by W. H. Willcox and Co., Ltd.

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