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25th July 1922, Page 18
25th July 1922
Page 18
Page 18, 25th July 1922 — AN EXPANDING CARAVAN BODY.
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A Body of the Type Illustrated Might well be Made to Serve Other Purposes than that of a Caravan.

AN INTERESTING type of caravan body is being marketed . by the Dumas Folding Auto Home Co., of Los Angeles, California. It can be mounted on almost any chassis, and in the example illustrated a Reo is employed, this vehicle being made by the Reu Motor Car Co., of Lancing, Michigan, 11.8.A.

The body is 12 ft. long, and is provided with hinged sides which, when let down, form a room 12 ft. square. The sides are also hinged in the middle, so that the u,pper portions remain vertical and, 'being glass panelled, pro: vide the necessary lighting, which is assisted by glass panels in the rear, the cab and the upper portions of the doors. Of the lastnamed there are two, one at the rear of the vehicle and the other at the right of the driver.

The sides are let down and returned into position by means of a neat windlass arrangement, whilst steel legs, adjustable for length and normally held in grooves in the sides of the body, are swung out to form floor supports when the sides are -dropped. The slanting portions of the roof are formed of canvas, and are rolled up under the caves of the permanent roof r hen hot, required. The spaces left at the ends are filled in at the front by sliding panels, and at the rear, in the case of the side shown open, by a neat cupboard, which is swung pivot

fashion on a perpendicular rod set in the framework of the body. This cupboard is turned round on its pivot when the body is opened up, the back of the cupboard then forming the end wall. Two beds, each measuring 4 ft. by q ft. are provided. One of these, with its sides folded down, serves as a driver's seat while touring, whilst the other is folded up and nested against the wall behind the sink when not required. The last-named measures 12 ins. by 14 ins., and is used in conjunction with a stove and oven .employing liquid fuel, whilst a 40-gallon water tank is also provided. The oven and stove are positioned at the right of the rear doorway on entering. The Flee of the body alone is 700 dollars .(approximately £150), which includes all furnishings, except


Locations: Lancing, Los Angeles

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