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23rd September 1960
Page 175
Page 175, 23rd September 1960 — 87-SEDDON
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Seddon Diesel Vehicles, Ltd..

Woodstock Factory, Oldham, Lancs.

THE new Perkins Six 354 six-cylindereddirect-injection engine, described on pages 274-275, is fitted in a forwardcontrol tractor for I6-ton gross-train-weight operation. The 5.8-litre power unit, with gross outputs of 112 b.h.p. at 2,800 r.p.m. and 260 lb.-ft. torque at 1,450 r.p.m., is coupled to a• fivespeed gearbox in the 7-ft.-wheelbase tractor. The rear axle has

a ratio of 6.16 to 1. The Hydrovae-assisted two-leading-shoe•brakes have a total lining area of 436 sq. in.

Representing the Seddon heavy-duty multi-wheeled range is a DD8 17-ft. 9-in.-wheelbase eight-wheeler with 'a standard forward-control cab. It has a Gardner 6LX 150-b.h.p. oil engine driving both overhead-worm rear axles through a 16-in.diameter hydraulically operated clutch and a five-speed constant-mesh gearbox. A four-spring rear bogie with balance beams is employed and air-operated cam brakes act on all wheels. Power steering is fitted, as on the Mark 15/10/TA 17-ft.-wheelbase light sixwheeler also shown.

This model is basically the Mark 15/10 14-ton-gross four-wheeler with an extended frame and a trailing axle fitted behind the driven spiral-bevel unit, which has a ratio of 6.83 to I. Powered by a Leyland 0.375 110-b.h.p oil engine, the six-wheeler has a six-speed overdrive gearbox. Two-leadingshoe brakes on all wheels provide a total lining area of 1,101 sq. in. and power assistance is by a double Hydrovac. Michelin " X " 10,00-20-in. tyres are fitted, The Mark 15/10 is also shown in 14-ft. 6-in.-wheelbase four-wheeled form with the standard cab. This model, too, has the 0.375 engine, a six-speed overdrive gearbox and a spiral-bevel rear axle. Shock absorbers arc standard equipment on the front axle, as are helper springs at the rear.

An almost identical specification applies to the 7-ft, 6-in.-wheelbase Mark 15/10/TC tractor. This model has a ScammelL Mark II automatic coupling with vacuum-operated semi-trailer release gear.

The only vehicles with bodywork on this stand are two 14-ft. 6-in.-wheelbase 7-tonners, which both have 20-ft.-long platform bodies. This model is powered by the Leyland 0.350 5.76-litre oil engine developing 105 b.h.p. (gross) at 2,400 r.p.m. and 255 lb.-ft. torque at 1,400 r.p.m. A 14-in.-diameter clutch and five-speed constant-mesh gearbox convey the drive to the spiral-bevel rear axle, which has a ratio of 6.16 to I. Brakelining area is 436 sq in. provided by two-leading-shoe units at all wheels.


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