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Membership of Passenger Vehicle Operators Association O NE of our leaders

23rd March 1945, Page 21
23rd March 1945
Page 21
Page 21, 23rd March 1945 — Membership of Passenger Vehicle Operators Association O NE of our leaders
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concerns the importance or independent operators joining their representative Association. The necessary form can be obtained from the Passenger Vehicle Operators Association, 146, New Bond Street, London, W.1. The subscription for the first vehicle is £3 3s., and for each additional vehicle 10s., with a maximum of 30 guineas. The Association is one of the three autonomous bodies which have combined to form the National Road Transport Federation.

The subscription for the Car Hire Functional Group has not been finally decided. It is probable, however, that the basic £3 35. will be retained, and may possibly cover more than one vehicle, whils.t the subsequent subscription charge of. 10s. may be reduced, having in mind the small s type of vehicle involved,

An interim statement upon the policy, aims and objects of the Association' was given recently. It is pointed out that the P.V.O.A.. will, in matters of common interest, take joint action with the Road Haulage Association and the Traders Road Transport Association through the medium of the N,R.T.F.. The Association stands for the principles of private enterprise, which, it considers, alone can give the necessary scope for the full development of technical advances and of the flexibility and adaptability characteristic of road tranSport. All'attempts to impose upOn the industry any form of nationalization will, therefore, be strenuously opposed.

It advocates a return at the earliest practicable time to the licensing system set up under the Road Traffic Act of 1930, although certain aspects of the method of administration may, need review.

It is investigating the possibility of Setting up machinery to enable members to' have the advantage of a co-ordinated policy in Traffic Court procedure, and proper representation.

It feels that the establishment of booking agencies by a central organization within the industry itself would enhance efficiency and achieve economies, Changes that Will Be Sought As regards vehicles and equipment, the Association will press for an increase in the legal maxima relating to the height, width, and weight of p.s. vehicles, the consolidation and amendment of the Construction and Use Regulations' relating to such vehicles, and the earliest removal of the present restrictions upon the manufacture and delivery of single-deckers of the more popular makes.

ft intends to 'oppose measures designed to deprive operators of users' discounts, of the right to make their own arrangements for the repair, servicing, and maintenance of their vehicles, and of arranging with makers for the purchase of tyres upon a mileage ' or contract basis.

The Association will maintain close contact with other organizations having interests in common, also with Government departments, in all rele

vant matters affecting the well-being of the industry. It attaches great importance to the maintenance of harmonious relations between employer and worker, and co-operation between the Association and trade unions will he strengthened.

As regards holidays, wherever possible steps should be taken to encourage staggering Of these, but the workars should have complete freedom as to the class of holiday they take and the form of transport they utilize.

With referenceto policy concerning post-war liceesing, the Association will press for the. following -points: —That an immediate declaration he made by the Minister that those who held roadservice licences in 1939 should be restored to their pre-war status quo, and that if an operator intends to reestablish his business and -has not disposed of the goodwill, he shall, of right, be granted 'a renewal of all such licences held in September, 1939, so soon after the war ends as may be practicable, and shall be permitted, on application, the same number of p.s.v. licences as he held then.

That an operator qualifying for renewal of road-service licences shall be permitted to increase the number to he extent necessary to meet the require-meats of post-war developments, and, in' preference to those who did act hold such licences prior to September, 1939;

That p.s. vehicles should be permitted to continue picking-up at an adequate number of points when operating express services, both on pre-war routes and in newly developed districts.

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