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23rd July 1948, Page 33
23rd July 1948
Page 33
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have played an Mimportant part in the construction of the 50,000,000-dollar Blue Bonnet Plant of Corn Products Inc., at Corpus Christi, Texas. The first section of this project called for the erection of 56 concrete silos with a total grain-storage capacity of 2,000,000 bushels. They were built in two banks of 28 units, each bank requiring some 9,000 tons of concrete.

Together the silos and foundations of the plant used 36,000 tons of concrete, which had to be transported from a point 11 miles distant. The contractor, the South Texas Materials Co., employed six vehicles specifically for this task, each carrying Rex 3-cubic-yd. mixers.

Concrete for the two banks had to be poured in two continuous runs, which meant that the vehicles had to be operated day and night, with three drivers for each. The first continuous pour occupied 176 hours and the second, 216 hours; Severe weather was encountered during the second period, which delayed the setting of the concrete, as well as making road conditions much more difficult. Throughout the period of continuous running, the fleet performed without a single breakdown.


QPERATORS and others who are experiencing exhaust-valve trouble, and may be finding difficulty in obtaining quick replacements, will be interested in means for recovering their old valves. Henry Wiggin and Co., Ltd., Wiggin Street, Birmingham, 16, in a recent publication, gives full details of the Brightray depositing process, using oxy-acetylene welding equipment.

Copies of the brochure can be obtained on application to the company at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London, W.I 2,000 CHILDREN WANT BUSES

DLANS for the daily conveyance of

about 2,000 schoolchildren on more than 80 routes throughout its area have been drawn up by East Suffolk Education Committee. Operators who have vehicles available for this class of work in any of the districts set out in the complete list are being invited to submit tenders by July 30. Full particulars are obtainable from the chief education officer, Education Office, County Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk.


AN impression of the general keennessness of everyone in the United States of America to obtain maximum results from the use of manpower was brought back by Mr. C. Calcott Reilly, managing director of Jowett Cars, Ltd., who recently visited the United States with Mr. George Wansbrough, chairman of the company.

He told a correspondent that all Americans realized that the standard of living of everybody depended entirely Upon production. The result was that the prices of sub-assemblies, such as gearboxes, back axles and clutches. were about half those in this country, yet wages were about three times as high and averaged 8s. 6d. per hour. As an example of the maximum use of manpower, Mr. Reilly pointed out that the New York buses were one-manoperated.

Commenting upon the remarkable relation between workers' eamines and the price of mass-produced goods, Mr. Reilly said that a New York taxicab driver personally earned the price of his vehicle in 20 weeks.

IN THE MONET Hull Passenger Transport Department's tici profit of £21329 in the financial year ended March 31 last was much greater than the Wore

which had been estimated, £.9,140. Tie deficit on the motorbuses was only f:5:83. against the estimated cleticit of £8.720. and the net surplus of 521.912 on the trolleybuse3 was £3.552 above

expect.' lions. Passengers carried tcrallcd 11)(1.132,403. Mr. G. II. Palfrey. general manager, is 70 present a report in September on tile tares position.

Maxima Lubricants. Ltd.. repm-ts a trading profit of £41,552 in the period to March 11 tat: Dividends from subsidiaries raised this figure to £51.506 After providin!: for directors' rent:meredepreciation. profils as and income tax. a

net profit of 519.120 remained A sum of £5.000 is Pt‘ing alocated to deferred remirs, and a dend of 411 per cent. is to be paid. A balance of t.:15.522 is earned forware


AN ingenious type of mounting for twin wheels to carry 15 by 20 tyre equipment, forms the subject of a patent taken out by Cranes (Dereham), Ltd. It has for its object the elimination of the normal disc wheel and its excessive offset.

The wheel mounting consists of a double-flanged hub, with serrations provided in the outer flange. Similar serrations are cut on the two wheel pressings, so that the inner wheel can be passed through the serrations on the outer flange, and be fixed in the usual manner to the inner hub flange.

Important features are that standard wheel pressings and standard wheel studs can be used, but from the technical aspect the elimination of offset which this form of mounting makes possible is tEe outstanding advantage.


AT time when many hotels are either too full to accommodate coach parties or. are not interested in that class of traffic, it is refreshing to hear of an hotel which is anxious to foster this kind of business.

The manager of the Manor House, Lonehope, Gloucestershire, wishes to enter into a contract with a coach company operating a tour front Thursdays to Mondays or at the week-end. preferably from the south and in the luxury class. A northern coach company is making the hotel its base for a three-day lour of the Wye Valley. Twenty-six passengers can be accommodated.

Catering facilities can also be supplied.


BEHIND the announcement that a new company has been incorporated with an authorized capital of £2,500, lies a story of enterprise on the part of Messrs. A_ Binnie and Sons, of Ca rn busne than, Wishaw.

Mr. J. Binnie, managing director, told a correspondent that the business began in a small way in 1929, and now operated 14 vehicles. Apart from haulage, the company began, a few months ago, to build single and doubledeck bus bodies and coach bodies. The bodybuilding works is being extended, and the whole works will comprise two bodybuilding shops, a mill, panel shop, paint shop and marking section.


REFUSED recognition by Salford City Council, the National Union of Public Vehicle Drivers and Operators, the breakaway union recently formed in the city, is to seek members in other parts of the country. Another branch, it is understood, has already been formed at Ashton-under-Lyne.

It is not likely that the Union will bring about a strike in an attempt to force the council to grant it recogni• tion. An official said that the Union was waiting for the management to make the next move

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