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23rd July 1948, Page 28
23rd July 1948
Page 28
Page 28, 23rd July 1948 — News of the Week
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piSLIDING roof for lorries and trailers loaded by crane has been developed by the London Midland Region of British Railways. It is mounted on ball runners. The sides of the body in which this roof is incorporated taper towards the top, thereby reducing the risk of damage when parking in confined spaces in goods yards.

Five trailers with experimental types of sliding roof were put into service by the former L.M.S. Railway before the war, and it is now proposed to extend the use of this design of roof to rigid-bodied vehicle s. Three Maudslay 5-ton lorries equipped with the new roof have been put into service and further bodies are' being constructed at Wolverton for mechanicalhorse semi-trailers.


RETURNS showing that in three years the company's earnings had increased from £46,000 to £62,000 were submitted when the hearing of an application by the Queen Carriage Co., Ltd., Huddersfield, for an A licence to operate an additional vehicle, was continued before Mr. E. Russell Gurney, Yorkshire Deputy Licensing Authority, at Halifax, on July 16.

A26 Mr. A. Goss, opposing for the railways, suggested that a large percentage of the work had been done for associated companies, including Holdsworth and Hanson, Ltd. Mr. W. R. Hargrave, for the applicant, said that the figures related solely to the business under consideration.

Granting the application, Mr. Gurney said he was Satisfied that the figures had been proved. He had in evidence letters from 75 reputable concerns in Huddersfield and district, stating that their business with the applicant had increased, and that goods had often been delayed because of a shortage of vehicles. NATIONALIZATION CUTS B.E.T. INCOME

"A1-1 STRIKING illustration of the

injustice which can result from the confiscation of businesses under the nationalization measures which are so popular with the present Government" is given by Mr. J. S. Wills, chairman of B.E.T. Omnibus Services, Ltd., in his annual report.

He stiys that the company's holdings of London Passenger Transport Board stocks, of a nominal value of £86,796. were converted on January 1 of this year into £63,720 British Transport 3 per cent. Guaranteed Stock 1978/88. B.E.T. Omnibus Services, Ltd., acquired the investment on the liquidation of .Tilling and British Automobile Traction. Ltd., and it represented half of the compensation paid to that company on the compulsory acquisition of its London bus undertaking in 1933.

At the time of the acquisition the undertaking was earning about £22.000 a year. The income received by B.E.T. from L.P.T.B. stocks was about £2,700 a year, and by the conversion to British Transport stock the income will be reduced to £1,900.


hfiANUFACTURERS who wish to ivlexhibit at the British Industries Fair, to be held in London and Birmingham from May 2-13 next year, will have to hurry. Application forms for space have been dispatched to all previous exhibitors and other interested concerns, and are returnable by August 7.

This year more than 600 late applicants could not be accommodated, and inquiries already received indicate that the demand for space at the next Fair will be exceptionally heavy. Application should be made immediately to either the Export Promotion Department (Exhibitions Branch), 27, Old Queen Street, London, S.W.1, or to the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, 95, New Street, Birmingham.


SALFORD is to investigate the bJadministration and workings of the municipal central garage, which is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the corporation's cars and lorries. In the year ended March last a loss of £3,500 was sustained.


FNE appeals are to be heard next week by the Appeal Tribunal in the North of England and Scotland. Ott July 27 the Tribunal will sit at the -Guildhall, Beverley, Yorkshire, to hear an appeal by Fred Cook (Transport), Ltd., against a. decision of the Yorkshire Licensing Authority.

On July 28 the Tribunal moves to the County Court, Newcastle-uponTyne, to hear appeals by William B. Robinson and Edward Thompson. Their appeals are concerned with decisions in the Northern Area. At the Town House, Aberdeen, on July 30, the Tribunal will hear two further appeals, one by Percy Fin nie and the other by William Watson.

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