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Passenger-Vehicle Topics.

23rd January 1913
Page 9
Page 9, 23rd January 1913 — Passenger-Vehicle Topics.
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The Dutch authorities intend to buy more vehicles for use on the Palembang-Benkoalen route.

The inquiry into the ap

plication of Bury (Lancs.) Town Council, for sanction to a loan of £1025 for the purchase of a motor ambulance, was held on Tuesday.

The Tramways Committee of the Oldham Corporation gave some very stiff tests to a Daimler motorbus, on the 16th inst., in and near that town of many spinning mills.

The Engineer and Surveyor of the Krugersdorp (South Africa) Town Council is trying to persuade his committees to purchase petrol omnibuses, and not to expend 245,000 on a tramway scheme.

The Conway and Llandudno Councils have approved the needful licences for the motorbus service between the two towns, via Deganwy. It will be maintained by the Llandudno Automobile Touring Co., Ltd.

The Municipal Council of Johannesburg wants to buy six singledeck motorbuses. British makers can see the specification at 73, Basinghall Street, E.C.—the Commercial Intelligence office of the Board of Trade. Tenders must reach the Town Clerk, in Johannesburg, by the 14th prox., so that they must catch this week's mail.

Why Try with Trolley-buses.

As our readers know, Brighton and Hove have for some while been flirting with a trolleybus proposition. A Tilling-Stevens petrolelectric machine of the latest type is now running over the same routes as the ordinary public-service vehicles, and carrying passengers free of cost, as a means of demonstration. Thomas Tilling, Ltd., is making it known that it is prepared to make the ratepayers the following offer : to spend £40,000 to £50,000 in supplying a fleet of Tilling-Stevens buses to run in Brighton and Hove at agreed fares, and to pay the ratepayers a substantial slim per annum for the use of their roads ; or, alternatively, to give them a share of the profits aecruinr from the running of the buses—all local labour to be employed. " Why spend £200,000 on a trackless trolley scheme whose practicability is at present uncertain ? "—this is a question which is being asked very Pertinently. by Tilling's. of the Brighton and Hove residents. Lowestoft Loses Services.

The G.E.Ry. has never made any profit, in the winter months, on its Lowestoft-Kessingland-Southwold route. Now, as the Lowestoft Town Council has granted licences to the United Automobile Services, Ltd., the directors of the G.E.E.y, who consider there is no demand for two sets of cars on this route, have resolved to withdraw their vehicles for the remainder of the winter.

Road Wear, The Westminster and Camberwell authorities do not agree as to the effects of motorbus traffic on wood-paved roads. Camberwell says that costs have gone up ; Westminster, with more experience and heavier traffic, says it is not so. Westminster, in its report, adds : "The use of the middle of the roadway by the tramcars, though reducing the area to be maintained by the road authority, tends to drive the greater portion of the general vehicular traffic to the other portions, thus increasing the cost of maintaining these." Twickenham U.D.C. is not prepared to support a proposal by the Heston and lsleworth authority to. urge upon the L.G.O.C. the desirability of establishing a service of motorbuses from Twickenham to Southall, through Hounslow_ Instructing Drivers, The first of the new lectures to intending motorbus drivers was. given at the Theatre de Luxe, Camden Town, London, on Friday last. The lecturer's remarks were illustrated by diagrammatic views. and moving pictures of road traffic. A large number of the company's drivers and instructors attended. Sir E. Speyer, Mr. A. H. Stanley, and members of the administrative staff were also interested spectatt■rs.

Was there a Promise?

A letter is to be sent by Greenwich Borough Council to Thomas. Tilling, Ltd., complaining of the company's omission to consult the Council, as to the proposed route bind the roads over which the service of buses from Woolwich to. Croydon should be carried, before the service was instituted. The Council is of opinion that such omission does not appear to be consistent with the undertaking which WM understood to be given at a conference between representatives of the local authorities and metropolitan omnibus companies generally.

We wonder whether Mr. Richard Tilling or Mr. Wolsey will agree that there is any grievance ?

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