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Manchester Show : Preliminary Notice.

23rd January 1913
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Page 13, 23rd January 1913 — Manchester Show : Preliminary Notice.
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ALBION.—A 15 h.p. 15-cwt. box van, a 16 h.p. 25-cwt, box van (sold to Messrs. Palmers of Great Yarmouth), and a 32 h.p. 27-seated torpedo char-e-bancs.

ALLEY ANT) MACLELLAN.—A standard six-ton Sentinel wagon, with platform 14i ft. by 7 ft., specially designed for brewers' purposes, a fifth sale to Greenall, Whitley and Co., Ltd.

AUSTIN.—A special ambulance, with 9 ft. 7 in. wheelbase, ml a 15 kp. chassis, and a 15 h.p. 15-cwt. motorvan, with 8 ft. 1 in. wheelbase.

BERNA.-A 35-40 h.p. four-cylinder chassis, with platform body, for fiveton loads, and a 20-30 h.p. four-cylinder chassis, without body, for 3i-ton loads. CLAYTON.—A 40-45 h.p. 28-seated torpedo char-i-bancs, fitted with special shock absorbers, a five-ton 40 h.p. ena tipping wagon, built to the order of William Dransfield and Sons, Ltd., of Oldham, a 2--ton 30 h.p. lorry, sold to thQ. Queenshury Industrial Society, Brad ford, and a 16 h.p. chassis, sold to the Railway and Metropolitan Omnibus CO.

COMMERCIAL CARS.—A brewer's lorry, with special protection for the driver, sold to Greenall, Whitley and Co., Ltd., of Warrington, of four tons capacity, and other exhibits vet to be advised. DATMLER.—A 40 b.p. 28-seated char4 banes, sold to Mr. A. Kingham, of New Brighton, a 40 h.p. four-ton lorry, with 14 ft. wheelbase, and a 40 h.p. 31-ton chassis, fitted with Continental tires. A standard London-type double-deck omnibus will be in attendance.

Foneer.—A standard five-ton steam wagon, sold to Mr. T. T. Lawton, Manchester, and a standard three-ton steam ,vagen (Polack rubber tires), sold to the Royal Well Brewery Co., Ltd., Malvern.

GARNER (NAPIER).—A 15-cwt. van, a One-ton van, and a 30-cwt. van, all of which have been sold, and a two-ton chaseis for sale.

HAMEL—A 40 h.p. five-ton lorry, sold to Joseph Appleby and Co., Ltd., of Blackburn (third repeat order), a 25 h.p. biscuit van, sold to Gray, Dunn and Co.. Ltd., of Glasgow, for that company's Manchester branch, and a 28-34 lip. three-ton chassis.

Heevoeret.--Two-ton and throe-tun F.I.A.T. vehicles.

LEACH and SEED.—A 32 h.p. 30-seated Maudelay char-it-bancs, with C.A.V. special industrial-vehicle lighting set, and a 40 h.p. five-ten Maudslay chassis. with double-reduction bevel drive.

NEWTON and BENNETT.—A 15 h.p. S.C.A.T. taxicab, and a 12 lee. '• N.B." tradesman's light delivery van.

PRANOMOBILES.—An 8.3 h.p. 10-cwt. three-wheel van, a 10-12 h.p. 15-cwt. three-wheel van, the former sold to Marshall, Thompsen and Co., of Leith, and the latter to the Swansdown Laundry.

Tiroareecitorr.—A 16-18 h.p. 44-cwt. lorry, sold to the Dominion Express Co. (a branch of the C.P.R.). Liverpool, and a 30 h.p. two-ton van, a repeat sale to Perrotts, Ltd., of Leeds, both fitted with Thornycroft solid-rubber tires.

WALKER. BROS.—One 28 h.p. Pagefield chassis, and one finished Pagefield wagon, built on the same model, the latter with an open lorry body measuring about 11 ft. by 6 ft.

LAWRENCE. A 32 h.p. Hanford fourton high-sided lorry for brewery work, sold to the Birkenhead Brewery Co., Ltd., and the War-Office Hallford :

16 h.p. Wolseley ambulance.

CONNOLLE.—A range of Connolly band tires, in all sizes from 65 mm. to 160 mm., andspecial winter tires of the section ; artillery wheels and pressed steel wheels ' • airless resilient wheels; rubber and aluminium matting.

KRUPP.—Stampings and forgings for commercial vehicles, auch as crankshafts, front and rear axles, springs, etc., in the rough as well as the machined states; tested samples of Krupp steels. PETER UNION.--Solid-rubber tires for commercial vehicles, in all sections from 65 mm. to 160 mm.

HANS BENOLD.—Silent and roller chains, suitable for commercial Vehicles of all typos and sizes, and specimens of wheel cutters, etc. ST. HELENS CABLE.—BritiSil band tires, and the Cairns special tire for delivery vans and other utility vehicles. SHREWSRETRY-CHALLINER. " Giant " and " World " tires, a complete range of wheels, in both the wood and the steel patterns, and examples of the Challiner detachable rim and other specialities.

STEEL BARREL CO.—A storage and measuring installation for petrol, a welded steel barrel, welded steel waterjacketed exhaust pipes, and light welded drum for lubricating oils. LEO SwATN. Examples of the Polack solid tires for commercial vehicles, in all mom] sizes, and particularly of the sections for the heaviest commercial motors.

Other exhibitors will include Belsize, Garrett, J. A. Lawton, Lacre, Leyland, Mossley Hill Motor Car Works, Renault, Renard-Latil, SiddeleyDeasy, Staffords ;Manchester), Stoewera (Northern), Straker-Squire, and Unic Automobile. In the accessory section there will also be Avon, Coventry Chain, Dook-Swain, Dunlop Rubber, Howes and Burley, and North British exhibits.

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