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Enemy Pars.

23rd December 1915
Page 37
Page 37, 23rd December 1915 — Enemy Pars.
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Culled from German and Austrian Newspapers which come into Our Hands, as well as from Other Available Sources, the News of the Industry in Enemy Lands on this page will have a Particular Interest for Our Readers.

A Paper-iron Wheel.

The Louis Peter Rubber Works has recently brought out what is called a war tire for commercial vehicles: the German term for it is a paper-iron wheel." This device consists of a steel hand wound with compressed paper, with an outer steel tread. These paper war tires were recently demonstrated before the military and police authorities and the Press in Leipzig. The tires are mounted by an hydraulic press, the same way as solid-robber tires.

Subscribers to the German War Loan.

It may be interesting to examine a few of the names which appear in the official list of the subscribers to the third German War Loan. It will be seen that motor-vehicle undertakings have assumed a share of the responsibility. It must be remembered that. the money subscribed is not due for payment in cash until February next. The list includes the following names :— Continental Tyre Co., 6,000,000 marks ; Benz, 6,500,000 marks ; Automobil and Aviatik Co., Ltd., 51)0,000 marks ; Aligemeine Berliner Omnibus Co., Ltd., 1,000,000 marks ; Mannesmann Mulag Commercial Vehicles, 300,000 marks ; Kronprinz Works for Detachable Rims and Wheels, 500,000 marks ; HansaLloyd, 1,000,000 marks ; Brennabor Works, 1,000,000 marks ; Fafnir Works, 150,000 marks.

German Dunlop Co.

The German Dunlop Rubber Co., which was involved, in the early days of the war, in an acrimonious advertisement campaign with the rest of the German tire manufacturers, after being under State supervision and administration, has now ceased oPerations. A report of the general meeting which was held on the 19th August announces that the council of insPection for this company will number seven until farther notice, and that they will receive an annual allowance of 2;'S,000 marks between them. The shares in this concern recently rose on the Frankfort Exchange, owing, it is believed, to rumours of big operations in raw materials having been accomplished.

The management of the Louis Peter Rubber Works announced that the expectation of profits in this way was premature, as only three-quarters of the financial year had passed, and the prospects for the coming business year were not certain. The future of all rubber companies causes anxiety.

The Otto Aero Works in Munich is laying down a plant to turn out three-ton and five-ton motor lorries,

The Vogtlandische Maschinenfabrik A.G. (Vomag T.C. and H. Dietrich) in Pla,nen has started a commercial-vehicle branch.

The N.S.U. works of Neckarsulm, which has hitherto only turned out touring cars has now produced motor lorries, live-axle type, of tons and 3i-tons load capacity.

The tire-manufacturing company MetzeIer and Co., Ltd., of Munich, which went into liquidation and stopped operations last autumn, made profits to the amount of 472,808 marks during the year 19141915, principally owing to the unanticipated sale of extensive stocks. The year 1913-1914 ended with a logs of 790,578 marks.

Further New Manufacturers of Heavy Vehicles.

Evidence of marked activity in commercial-vehicle production on the part. of German manufacturers has received notice in our columns on previous occasions. We now have information of the formation of several new lorry companies with that end in view. The Masehinenfahrik Augsbnrg Nurenberg (M.A.N.), which firm, together with the Krupp Kiel works, is making the Diesel motors for German submarines, has secured a licence from Adolf Saucer, the Swiss house, to manufacture the. Saurer lorry in Germany. The Union Works in Mannheim, which has hitherto specialized in the manufacture of equipment for breweries, and since the outbreak of war has been undertaking the repair Of damaged and broken-down cars for the Government, has now brought. out a motor lorry of its own. It is to be produced in quantities in a new factory " equipped with most modern tools."

The whole output from the above new factories, as wellas the older German motor-lorry Works, is at present taken over by the War Department. The Mathis works of Strasburg alone advertise to the effect that they can give immediate deliveries of 1, 14, 3 and 4-ton lorries, and this in spite of the fact that. the company affirms that its cars have done excellent army service.

A German journal publishes the following with regard to the motorvehicle situation in Great 'Britain —" It is well known that for some .months several secret meetitip have been held [in England] by motor manufacturers with reference to the question of motor vehicles being imported into the United Kingdom. The greatest opposition is, of course, fret/1' the Free Traders, who very much resent the 331 per cent. tax which has been imposed on foreign machines. It is generally believed that the tax is directly aimed against the American -manufacturers, who have, during the three months of -June, July and August, exported to England motor vehicles to the, value. of 33,000,000 marks."


Organisations: War Department
Locations: Munich, Mannheim, Leipzig

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