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One Hears—

23rd December 1915
Page 23
Page 23, 23rd December 1915 — One Hears—
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

The following empty hopes for the New Year :

Tout is (Water)loo.—Tommy.

That steam will die out.—Petrol.

That petrol will give out.—Steam.

That the Allies will squabble.—The Kaiser.

That we shan't have to fight at the end.—America.

That the Turks may love me long.—Von der Goltz.

That we may be 'allowed to take Mexico.—U.S.A. Senate.

That the roads may know no bounds.—Mr. H. P. Maybury.

That swords will not handicap Ford (plough)shares. —Henry Ford.

That we may get our parts as well as playing them. —The Colonies.

That the motor-fire-engine world will remain immured.—Greenwich.

That no anti-German-company legislation will pass. —Mr. Paul Brodtman.

That there may he no heavy summonses.—Legal Department, C.M.U.A.

That I shall be let do all the truck with the Allies. —Mr. Pierpont Morgan_ That the Monosoupapes may outpower the Aviatiks.—An R.F.C. Officer.

That it may be a Show year.—Messrs. Powell, Woodfine, Blackie and Co.

That the S.E. and C. Railway may get out of its rut.—A Season-ticket holder.

That competitive advertisements may err on the side of modesty.—The Trader.

That he will receive more money than can be spent. —Hon. Treasurer, Comforts Fund.

That proeis-writing may in fact become a W.O. practice.—An 0.C., B.E.F., France.

That people may forget there ever were such things as tin cans, and an Oscar, too.—Ford agents.

That the light sleeper will some day really appreciate "Good King Wenceslas."---The Waits.

That the abandoned Mk per cent. will he reimposed, and stick.—British Motor Manufacturer. That there will be peace.—Germr.ny That coal will be sold without ash.—The User.

That the empty pool may fill.—Mr. G. F. Bilbrongh.

That all reflecting mirrors vill have a field.—The driver.

That he may get back to Derby.—Mr. Henry Fowler.

That — wheels will keep on.—The operating engineer.

That every O.C. will indent correctly.—Lieut.-Col. Donohue.

That British makers will embrace us.—The M.T.A. Committee.

That the Asst.-Editor might be chopped in half.— The Editor.

That we shall not get more Comforts than we want. —A.S.C., M.T.

That no coke will be quenched with water.— The Coke Committee.

That back-axle weights will be overlooked.—The Loeo-type That there will be a shortage of bolts and nuts.— The oil merchant.

That all the "One Hears" may be about the other fellow.-Our readers.

That he may become ground landlord of Carmelite House,—Lord Kitchener.

That each M.T. prisoner may really get all he wants.—Mrs. S. S. Long.

That the use of speedometers will be made cornpulsory.—Mr. Accessory.

That all applicants for A.S.C. Commissions may have some raison d'être.— Major Jellicoe, That the Ministry of Munitions will dry up about Aluminium.—Gen. Long and Col. Holden.

That the public will imagine that Xmas politeness is an augury of good things to come.—The railway porter.

That the C.I.M.T. will know exactly what is wanted without telling—More than one 0.0., A.S.C., Overseas.

That many of the load-ratings they have advertised for Britain may not be found out too soon.—The American Manufacturer_

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