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Answers to Queries.

23rd December 1915
Page 19
Page 19, 23rd December 1915 — Answers to Queries.
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Recruiting for the A,S.C., M.T.

[2845] (Nelson).—Recruiting for the M.T. is temporarily closed. It may be reopened a few weeks mince, but nobody at the moment can state on what terms.

Willing to Take Loads of Cotton from Liverpool.

[28i0-J (131ackpool).—We think that, if you address Percy Eccles, Esq., Cotton Exchange, Liverpool, you will get some instructions to take cotton from Liverpool to Blackburn and Darwen at a rate of not less than 25s. per ton.

Can He Join the A.S.C.,M.T.?

[2847] (Tyneside).---The procedure of the War Department under the Derby scheme of enlistment, yet to be announced, renders it impossible for us to give any definite reply. We presume that you duly attested. In our opinion, this was the duty of every man below 41 years of age.

Back-axle Costs.

{23181 (Gorton).—The information which you give is not sufficient for us to deal with the matter in any detail. It may suffice, however, for your purpose, if we ell you that the relative cost of a forged banjo-type axle, as compared with that of a cast one, is very nearly in the ratio of two to one.

May be Able to Use His Depot Card Later.

[2849] (Wrexham).—We are obliged by your letter of the 9th inst. Perhaps you will be able to utilize the card, some time in the New Year, and for that purpose you could cut off the bottom line. We hope you will keep it by you, as our Fund goes on all the lime, and is not merely a Christmas Fund, One More About Recruiting 12501 (Staffs.)—Enlistment is temporarily closed for the A.S.C., KT. We think it will be reopened some weeks hence, but the Government has been asked not to take more trained drivers from commercial service, as industrial transport has already suffered too much by the taking of men for the Army, instead of their being taught at the expense of the country. It,is now seen that drivers of heavy motorcars have been placed on the exempted list. Appeals concerning them can, therefore, be lodged.

Considering Purchase of a Wagon to Carry 20-25 Cwt.

[2851] (Huddersfield).—We can only refer you to our advertisement, pages, and recommend you to get in touch with the firms which advertise lorries of the capacity which you mention. Our sheet of working ruts (mailed direct) may be of some help to you, but you will require to add about 20 per cent. to cover the increased cost of working a petrol vehicle since the sheet was compiled. If you obtain quotations from several firms, coupled with deliVery dates, we might then give you information on the order in which the chassis should be regarded, if you want it, Best Class of Tires for a 15-cwt. Van.

12S521 (Pembroke).—Unless your customer wants point-to-point speeds of close upon 20 miles an hour, ii is not the best commercial practice to fit pneumatic tires lo al! four wheels of a 15-cwt. van. The suggestion that you should have pneumatic tires on the front wheels, and solid tires on the back wheels, should preferably be adopted. As to makes of chassis, you cannot really choose between many of those which are advertised in this journal. If you obtain quotations from several firms, coupled with delivery dates, we might then give you information ori the order in which the chassis should be regarded, if you desire to have it, as appears. Want Effective Non-skids.

[2S53] (Liverpool, and six others).—The following makers supply non-skid devices which appear to be effective: James Bartle and Co. (Never-Skid fitting), Western Ironworks, Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, W.

Parsons Non-Skid Co.' Ltd., 23, Store Street, Tottenham Court Road, W.C.

Stelastie Tyres, Ltd. (Torkington non-skid), 76, York Street, Buckingham Gate, S.W.

Small Vans in London.

[28541 (Sweets).—You will probably he able to hire a small motorvaa from one of the undermentioned firms:— London and Provincial Carriers, Ltd., 143, Clapham Road, S.W.

Commercial Car Hirers, Ltd., Caxton House, Westminster, S.W.

French's Garage, Balham High Road, Balham, S.W.

The National Motor Car Co., Windsor Castle Yard, Hammersmith.

Wants to Buy Tipping Gears.

[2855] (Dealer).—There is considerable difficulty at present in getting fittings of this class, as we ourselves have ascertained from inquiries we have made recently for other friends of ours. You might apply to Messrs. Glover and Son, of Warwick, who are soecialists in various classes of municipal wagons. Failing them, we do not think we can do more'than to suggest that you should get into communication with your own District Surveyor (or Cleansing Superintendent) who would, we feel sure, be likely to help you in this matter.


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