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News and Comment—con.

22nd September 1910
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Page 13, 22nd September 1910 — News and Comment—con.
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A Lotis for Bridport.

The first of a new series of Lotis vans for 15-cwt. loads is illustrated herewith. This is an alternative model to the earlier ones of Lotis manufacture, and the four-cylinder White-andPoppe engine is carried under a boanet; natural circulation is employed ; the transmission is of the usual Lotis pattern the road wheels are all 34 in. in diameter. It is to be employed for the collection of goods, and their delivery to customers—principally fishing-nets from out-workers. Bridport is in the centre of a hilly district, and Messrs. Hounsell, who already use one of the Lotis standard, short-wheelbase, two-cylinder models, are to be congratulated upon their enterprise.

Newfoundland Oil Fields.

We are informed by Mr. Alec, J. D. Smellie, of Messrs. Meade-King, Robinson and Co., of Liverpool, that constructional work is now being pushed forward rapidly at Parson's Pond, on the West Coast of Newfoundhind, and that sites are being acquired there for new petroleum wells and borings. The promoters are looking forward with confidence to the time when England's oldest colony will become one of the most important oil-producing countries in the world. The oil-bearing tract covers an area of 70 square miles, and it has recently been acquired by the Newfoundland Oil Fields, Ltd., the manager of which company reports most favourably on the prospect of a large supply of oil. Pumping has already been commenced on the existing wells, and we understand that the oil produced is quite equal to the finest quality of Pennsylvanian crude ; it contains a high percentage of benzine suitable for internal-combustion engines.

Its close proximity to England, as compared with the location of many other oil fields, will give Newfoundland an additional importance in the eyes of the British public, especially distance from England, and the time occupied in completing the journey from Newfoundland, as compared with

The Admiralty is at present drawing its supplies of liquid fuel chiefly from Roumania and America: for strategic reasons, therefore, the development is of national moment.

A Thornycroft Van for Biscuit Conveyance.

Marsh and Co., Ltd., biscuit and (like manufacturers, of Belfast, has purchased a 24 h.p.. four-cylinder, two-ton Thornyeroft box van, through Mr. C. Pemberton Wooler, the maker's sole agent for the North of England and Ulster. The body, which we understand was built locally, presents an extremely-smart appearance. Motor Mails.

The Postmaster-General has accepted the tender of Thomas Tilling, Ltd., of Peckham, SE., for the conveyance of mails between London and Birmingham by motorvan. An extension of the Perthshire motor-mail services took place on the 14th inst., between Aberfeldy, Kenmore and Achern. Mr. D. Fraser, of Aberfeldy, holds the contract.

The contract for the motor-mail service between Pit'ochry and KinlochRannoch, to which we hare made references in the previous two issues, is undertaken by Mr. John Kennedy, motor engineer, of PitMary, and is for a term of five years.

Pickford's Motors.

Pickford's, Ltd., of 57, Gresham Street, E.C., whose depots and carrying business will be known to mos+ of our readers, has absorbed into its motor department the Motor Contract Co., of Dudley House, Southampton Street, Strand, W.C. Mr. B. G. L.

Markham, .I.Mech . E.. M.T .A . E. , who has for the past few years been increasingly identified with consulting work in connection with commercial motors, will now undertake the supervision of the whole of Pickford's motor department. His connection with the firm of Messrs. Markham and Prance, who give expert and professional advice on motor matters of all kinds, will continue, and it should be noted.

C.M.U.A. Progress: An Entrance Fee in Future.

The Executive Committee of the Commercial Motor Users Association has resumed its sessional meetings, following the end of the summer holidays. At the September meeting, on Wednesday, the 7th inst., 14 new members were admitted to membership, and an entrance fee of one guinea, in respect of all future members, was approved. The funds of the Association will show an acceptable increase at the close of the current year, and steps are being taken greatly to strengthen its resources and usefulness in several directions.

New Registrations.

Cairo Motor Co., Ltd., with an authorized capital of £3,000 in £1 shares, and with its office at 121, Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W., to carry on the business of manufacturers and dealers in motors, motorcars or motorcabs, etc. Lester's (Walsall) Garage, Ltd., with an authorized capital of £2,000 in £1 shares, and with its office at 79, Upper Bridge Street, Walsall, to carry on the business of motorcab, taxicab, motor-vehicle and motor-garage proprietors, etc.

Utility Motors, Ltd. (private C0111pa ny), with an authorized capital of £500 (495 shares of £1 each and 100 shares of ls, each), and with its office at 49, Broughton Street, Edinburgh, to carry on business as manufacturers and dealers in motorbuses, etc.

Hermes Motor Patents, Ltd., with an authorized capital of £3,000 in £1 shares (2,900 ordinary and 100 de• ferred), by Ashurst, Morris, Crisp and Co., 17, Throgmorton Avenue, E.C., to carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in self-propelled cars, carriages, cabs, omnibuses and other vehicles, garage keepers, etc. Oldham and District Horse and Motor Owners' Association, Ltd. This company was registered with 500 members, each liable for £1 in the event of winding up, by J. Taylor, 24, Clegg Street, Oldham, to carry on the business as indicated by the title. The management is vested in a committee. The Sydney Motor Delivery Co., Ltd., with an authorized capital of £20,000 in £1 shares, has started business at Kent Street, Sydney, N.S.W. A copy of the prospectus is before us, but it discloses insufficient particulars to justify our expressing any opinion upon the prospects of the company or the experience of its directors.