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The Value of "Know How"

22nd May 1953, Page 50
22nd May 1953
Page 50
Page 50, 22nd May 1953 — The Value of "Know How"
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I READ with interest L. J. Cotton's article, "Alone I. Did It," in The Commercial Motor dated May 1. In reply, I would like to point out that a similar job was done on an Austin 5-tonner in the garage of The Edison Swan Electric Co., Ltd., Ponders End, Middlesex, by the chargehand, Mr. Littlefair, and a mate. The difference was that Mr. Littlefair had to fit a replacement cylinder block, together with new pistons, rings, gudgeon pins, new main and big-end bearings, with the necessary spare parts as required. The time taken on this job was 10 hours, compared with Mr. Cotton's 61 hours for fitting a replacement power unit, but one must bear in mind that Mr. Littlefair had to fit a new block, together with all the necessary components. How Mr. Cotton could have saved time would have been by dismantling the front end of the propeller shaft, removing eight setscrews from the geFbox lid and taking this away complete with the change-speed tower, instead of taking off the gearbox and lowering part of the clutch housing in situ. The complete power rit could then have been withdrawn from the chassis.

The writer and Mr. Littlefair look forward to further articles in the near future from Mr. Cotton.

C. E. TODHUNTER, Transport Manager,

The Edison Swan Electric Co., Ltd. Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex.


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