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New C. and U. Regulations Drafted : Winking Lights

22nd May 1953, Page 35
22nd May 1953
Page 35
Page 35, 22nd May 1953 — New C. and U. Regulations Drafted : Winking Lights
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WINKING-LIGHT traffic indicators VV are to be legalized by the Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) ( Amendment) Regulations, 1953. A new mark for trailers will also be introduced under them and the definition of a land tractor will be extended_ Vehicles arc to be compelled permanently to park on the near side of the road at night, and the length of a vehicle and trailer is to be allowed to exceed 60 ft.

The draft regulations have been circulated to interested organizations and comments have to be submitted to the Ministry of Transport by June 15. As the Minister has before him certain other proposals for the amendment of the regulations, their consolidation in full is to be deferred.

Draft Delayed Only those amendments relating to traffic indicators, the trailer mark and the parking of vehicles at night are to be extended to track-laying vehicles. The Minister regrets that the preparation of the draft has been delayed by pressure of Parliamentary and other business.

It is proposed to allow semaphore traffic indicators with steady or flashing Heins, and flashing lights either in pairs at the front and rear or singly on each side, to he fitted. The Minister is willing to consider comments on the detailed requirements proposed to be laid down. A long schedule to the draft regulations explains his present intentions.

The use of a trailer mark consisting of a white triangular plate, each side of which is at least 6 in. long, with red reflex reflectors, is to be legalized. After live years, it will replace the T-plate.

No Attendants The definition of a land tractor is to be widened, so as to legalize the use of farm tractors licensed at the £2 rate In draw agricultural trailers for journeys, for instance, between a farm and a market or a railway station or between farms, as well as to and from the site of work on the land. Attendants are not to be required on trailers when drawn by land tractors.

Pedestrian-controlled vehicles are to be exempt from the need for fitting warning instruments.

The draft regulations propose to legalize the fitting of brake drums on the inner ends of the driving shafts from the differential to the wheels. This is already being done on motorcars having independent rear-wheel suspension, but according to the Ministry, it is doubtful whether this arrangement complies with the requirements that "all the wheels shall befitted with brakes."_ The layout is described as unobjectionable and in the interests of progress in design, it is to he made legal within safe I imits. The towing of caravans having only overrun brakes, up to a limit of 2 tons unladen, is to he allowed.

The rule that, subject to certain exceptions, vehicles must not be parked at night on the road other than on the near side, is to be extended to all roads, and not limited merely to those subject to the 30 m.p.h. limit. Fire-engines, ambulances and police vehicles are excluded from this proposal, and certain other, exceptions are made such as in the case of vehicles engaged in road repairs and one-way streets, An attendant need not be carried when a disabled vehicle is suspended by the crane of a breakdown outfit and the steering cannot be operated.

The present ban on the combined length of a heavy motorcar or motorcar and trailer exceeding 60 ft., which prevents a 30-ft. public service vehicle from towing another after an accident is to he revoked.


ASED on the Bedford 10-12-cwt. 1-) chassis, a 220-cu,-ft, gown-van body is now being produced by Spurling Motor Bodies, Ltd., The Hyde, London, N.W.9. The internal height is 5 ft. 9 in. to allow garments to be hung full length from three rails fixed to the roof.

The body is of steel, except for softwood flooring, and access is provided by a step well at the rear and a full-depth jack-knife door 2 ft. 6 in. wide by 5 ft. 9 in. high. The door is provided with a Yale lock.

Inside, the roof is lined with leathercloth and the sides are panelled with hardboard, whilst the floor is covered with linoleum. Two interior roof lamps may be controlled from the driving compartment.

The driving compartment is separated from the body by a bulkhead and a passenger's scat is fitted as standard equipment. The length from the bulkhead to the rear is 7 ft. The price of the new model is £720 19s., including tax.

SPIRE NUT KIT A SPIRE speed nut accessory kit con

taining 1,000 Spire parts in 18 assorted types has been introduced by Simmonds Aerocessories, Ltd., and is obtainable from Stenor, Ltd., Richmond, Surrey.


Organisations: Yale, Ministry of Transport
Locations: Surrey, London

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