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Mr. Cusick Knocks Up 178!

22nd July 1955, Page 56
22nd July 1955
Page 56
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Page 56, 22nd July 1955 — Mr. Cusick Knocks Up 178!
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61 More Vehicles and Nine Trailers Acquired: Tower Hill Transport Buy 30 in List 11

ACCORDING to . accords maintained by The Commercial .iitotpr, Mr. A. Cusick, of Oldham, has now bought 178 vehicles, plus a number of trailers, from British Road Services. Many of them have already been assigned to other operators. This week he is reported to have purchased 15 vehicles in Glasgow and 46 lorries and nine trailers in Parkstone, Dorset.

Tower Hill Transport Co. (Boston Stevedores, Ltd.), Boston Docks, Lines, announced on Tuesday that they had just bought another 30 vehicles in list 11, of which 16 are Seddons and 14 are eight-wheelers. , Mr. V. J. Grange, of Peterborough, has acquired 29 vehicles, and Mrs. G. D. Hooks, of Wick, 19 lorries and a trailer.

Many of the purchases reported below are of units in list II.


A direct purchase of 13 vehicles (73i tons), two articulated units (31 tons) and two semi-trailers, based in Glasgow, has been made by Mr. A, Cusick, Oldham.

Central Garage (Bathgate), Ltd., Bathgate, have made over three lorries (II tons) to West Coast Motor Service Co., Campbeltown, Other assignments authorized by the Scottish Licensing Authority are: two lorries (81 tons) to Charles Home and Co., Ltd., Grangemouth, by Mr. Sam Anderson, Newhouse; two •(9a tons) and two trailers to Mr. Thomas Q. McGawn, Ayr, by Murphy Bros.. Ltd., Syston, Leicester: and one (41tons) to Ben McCloskey and Sons, Almondbank, by Mr. Bernard McCluskey, of the same address.

NORTHERN AREA A lorry weighing 2 tons 18 cwt. has been taken over front Messrs. Sinner Bros., Boroughbridge Road, Northallerton, by Mr. H. M. Richardson, West Nees Hall, Nunnington, York.

NORTH-WEST Another three lorries (51• tons) have been bought by Mr. R. G. Bassett, Grayswood, Tittensor, Stoke-on-Trent.

Mr. L. Gleave, Holly Bank, Audlem, near Crewe, has assigned two vehicles (13 tons) to Cleave Transport (Audlem), Ltd., of the same address.

An assignment of one lorry (7a tons) has been made to J. Lynch and Sons (Transport), Ltd., 27 Leicester Street, Northwich. J. Lynch and Sons have in turn made over a lorry (3 tons) to Abbotts (Body Builders), Ltd., 14 Salisbury Buildings. 201 Trafford Road, Salford. 5.

Mr. A. Cusick, 282 Frederick Street, Oldham. has transferred vehicles to Mr. A. C. Jameson, Stanley Street. Heywood (one lorrw-4-1 tons), and G. and H. Taylor, Ltd., 91 Ashton Road, Hyde (one —3 tons).

The North • Western Licensing Authority has authorized the transfer Of the following lorries: Buersil Transport Co., ,19 Hutchinson Road, Norden, Rochdale. one lorry (4I tons) by Cusick (Oldham), 1.1d., Thornton Street, Manchester. 19: Messrs. S. and R. Hughes, 2 Blackpool Street, Darwen, one (3 tons) by David Hall and Sons. Ltd., 577 Walshaw Road, Bury; and F, Ingham and Co.. Ltd.. 42 Cloister Road, Heaton Mersey, Stockport, one (3a tons) by Mr. F. Harris, 7 Hopkins Street, Hyde.

Mr. P. Goring. Walker Street, Preston, has acquired one vehicle (51 tons) in a repeat purchase.

B22 YORKSHIRE Mr. B. T. Weaver, 38 Barnsley Road, South Elmsall, has transferred more lorries to: Messrs. E. Brown and Sons, Queensgate Filling Station, Beverley (one); and Clewley Transport Co., Ltd., Hodgson Street, Hull (two).

Mr. J. L. Dunn, 6 Hull Road, Coifingham, has made over two vehicles to Hull and Glasgow Road Carriers, Ltd., Hyderiom Street, Hull; Mansfield Haulage, Ltd., Stacey Road Garage, Mansfield, two to Mr. T. McWilliam, Priest Hill Farm, Cottage Lane, Sheffield; and William Clarkson and Sons '(Leeds), Ltd., 120 Commercial Road, Leeds, one to Yarctleys Transport, Ltd., 163 Bustingthorpe Lane, Leeds.

Two lorries have been purchased by Proctors Transport, Ltd., 27-29 Sheaf Street, Sheffield, I, and one by Mr. E. Senior. .37 Bennett Street, Rotherham.

WEST MIDLANDS Another seven lorries (29 tons) have been taken over by Messrs. T. E. Weatherhogg and Son Transport, 580 IVIolesley Road, Birmingham. The four units concerned, all offered in list 11, were at Birmingham (7546 and 7547), Wolverhamptoa (7577), and Tamworth (7473).

Another Tarnworth unit (7474) has been sold to Messrs. E. and J. Davis, Stockwell Road. Handsworth, Birmingham, It comprised a lorry weighing 3 tons unladen.

Birmingham nail 6394, offered in list 10, has gone to Mr. T. H. Hayden, 109 Queens Cross, Dudley. A lorry (2 tons) was concerned.

Mr. W. H. Jackson. Victoria Road, Bidford-on-Avon, has taken over a lorry 13.1 tons) from Cfeeve Hill Transport, Ltd., 98 Prestbury Road, Cheltenham.

EAST MIDLANDS Three London units, comprising a total of seven vehicles (14 tons), have been acquired by Moores Transport (Ashby), Ltd., Ashby de le Zottch, Leies, Two of the units were at Bow (7151 and 7188) and the other at Woolwich (7157).

Three list 11 units (7451, 7465 and 7467), comprising five lorries (14 tons). have gone In Harris (Northampton) Haulage, Ltd., Euston Road Garage, Northampton. The units were based at Blaby, Northampton and Rugby. Blaby unit 7539 has been acquired by W. G. Cooper and Sons, Ltd., 14 Market Street, Ashby de la Zouch. Two vans (4 tons) are concerned, • • AnOther list 11 unit (7460) based at Alvaston, has been bought by Messrs.

D. C. Swain, 35 Village Street, Old Normanton, Derby. It comprises two lorries (5 tons).

The 30 vehicles purchased by Tower Hill Transport Co., Boston Docks, are Contained in 20 units as follows:6423, Chester; 6977, 6980 and 6981, Brentford, Middx.; 7175, Greenwich, London, S.E.10; 7316, 7319, '7320, 7321, 7326, 7327. 7329, 7330, 7331 and 7333, Wyberton, Boston; 7491 and 7492, Coventry; 7500 and 7501, Birmingham: and 7575, Wolverhampton. The 14 eight-wheelers are based at Chester, Breraford, Greenwich, Coventry, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Mr. T. FL Brown. Bringsley Road, Waltham, Grimsby, who already has it number of ex-B.k.S. vehicles, tendered successfully for two list 10 units at Hotbeach (6888 and 6890). Of the five vehicles concerned (13 tons) one is articulated. Mr. G. W. Woodward, High Street Garage, Barwell, has taken over another 12 lorries (40; tons). One of these (3 tons 9 cwt.) was assigned by Mr. J. Brindley, Sharnford, Hinckley, who has also transferred one (2 tons 17 cwt.) to Messrs. A. H. C. Transport. 195 Preston Road, Chorley, and one (2; tons) to Mr. D. Taylor, Pins Grove, Dowell, near Wished).

Direct purchases have also been made by N.T. Motors, Ltd., Narborough, near Leicester, a lorry (7 tons' 11 cwt.), and Mr. E. Cope, Ladywood Farm, Dale Abbey, Ilkeston, one (7 tons 8 cwt.).

Mr. 3. Ball, Stacey Road, Mansfield, who has bought four lorries (II tons 16 cwt.), has transferred two (5 tons 19 cwt.) to Mansfield Haulage, Ltd., of the same address, and one (2 tons 19 ewe) to Messrs, Dales Bros., 15 Victoria Street, Din nington.

Most of the five lorries and a trailer (23 tons 17 cwt.) acquired in his latest purchase by Mr, F. A. Wiltshire, 72 Circuit Lane, Reading have been assigned. Three lorries (16 tons) have gone to Mr. E. E. Bamford, Mansfield Road Garage. Alfreton, who, in turn, has made them over to F. E. Bamford (Contractors), Ltd., of the same address; one (31 tons) to Mr, A. E. Summers, Hemlock Garage, FlickHugs Lane, Stapleford; and the trailer (l ton 13 cwt.) to Alfidon Transport. Ltd., Meadow Lane, Alfreton.

Murphy Bros.. Ltd., Melton Road, Syston, are involved in further assignments. They have transferred eight lorries (62 tons 5 cwt.) to Murphy Bros, (Transport DiviSion), Ltd„ 6-8 Selbourne Street, Loughborough; two (5 tons 18 cwt.). to Messrs. Burton and Harris, Corwen, Cemetery Road. Sileby; three (22; tons) to J. Heywood, Ltd., Steep Turnpike, Matlock; one (3 tons) to Mr. H. FL D. Pheasey, Halmorton. Ashford, near Bakewell; one (3 tons) to Mr. A. S. Lindley Eastville, near Boston; one (3 tons) to Mr. J. E. Laughton, in the Eastern Traffic Area; and one (7 tons 12 cwt.) to Messrs. G. Ward and Son, in the West Midland Traffic Area.

Four of the lorries (30 tons 17 cwt.) assigned by Murphy Bros., were bought from Mr. R. S. Hamblin, 203 Leicester Road. Thurrnaston; near Leicester.

Ciaytons (Transport), Ltd., 36-42 Stafford Street, Leicester, have transferred a lorry (41 tons) to Messrs. Heather Transport, Alpine Cottage, Swepstone Road, Heather; and one (4,1 tons) to Messrs. E. and J. Davis. Stockwell Road, Handworth, Birmingham (see also " West Midlands ").

Four lorries (31 tons 6 etva-have been made over to W. H. Short (Contractors), Ltd., Hightielcl Garage, Newthorpe, by Mr. A. Rhodes. 261 Carlton Road, Nottingham, who has also sold vehicles to the following; two (14 ton 4 cwt.) to A. R. Marshall and Sons (Bulwell), Ltd., Forest House, Hucknall Lane, &dwelt. Nottingham; and one (6 tons 18 cwt.) to Mr, S. C. Trigg. 8 Charlesworth Avenue, Nottingham.

Cleeve Hill Transport. Ltd., 98 Prestbury Road, Cheltenham, have sold a lorry (3 tons 9 cwt.) to Mr. C. F. Knipe, and one (3 tons 9 cwt.) to Mr, W. H. Jackson, both in the West Midland Traffic Area.

Messrs. Edwards. Son and Kirk, Wellingore Hall, Wellingore, Lincoln. have divided two lorries between Mr. S. W. Edwards, The Studio. Wellingore. near Lincoln (2 tons 17 cwt.). and Mr. la M. Kirk, Flat 12, Wellingore Hall, Wellingore, near Lincoln (3 tons).

A terry (3 tons) sold to Mr. E. C. Williams, Wane Lane. Shardlow, by Star Transport Co., Ltd. 26 Arlington Road, Derby, has now been re-sold to Ascott Motors. Ltd., 4 Bloomfield Street, Derby.

Mr. V. J. Grange, Peterborough, has made over a lorry (2 tons 19 cwt.) to Mr. I H. Fearn, Green Acres, South Wingfield,

and one (2 tons 17 cwt.) to Mr. C. F. ,Rawlinson, High Street, Burgh, Skeglicss. the .East Midand Licensing Authority has also authorized the following assignments: a lorry (71 tons) to F. J. toll (Dunstable), Ltd. The Old Brewery; Dunstable, by 'Mr. H. T. Grace, Chiltern House Garage, George Street, Bletchley ; two (5 ions 19 cwt.) to Messrs. Muxiow and Munton. Westchtfe Road, Ruskington, by Mr. G. C. Munton, ot the same address; one (5 tons 13 cwt.) to Walker and Son tmauliers), Ltd., East 'Markham, near 'Newark. by Warrington Warehousing to., 4th tllesmere Road, Stockton Heath; one (5 tons 12 cwt.) to Mr. J. Wnyte, 24 Park Avenue. Ashbourne, by Mr. R. G. Bassett, urayswood 'fittensor, Stoke-on-Irent; and two trailers (6 tons 2 cwt.) to J. Watts and Sons (Contractors), Ltd., Porehester 'Road, Thorneywoad, Nottingham, oy Allisons Transport (Contracts), Ltd., 6 Barfield Road. Dundee.

EASTERN COUNTIES A repeat purchase of 29 vehicles (88 tons) has been made by. Mr. V. . Grange,

124 .Bridge Street, Peterborougn. wentylive of these vehicles, with a total untaden weight ot 81'1 tons, have been assigned as follows:five vehicles (16) tons 1 to usavid Hail and Sons. Ltd., 577 Walshaw Road, Bury; two (8 tons) to MT. W. A. Jordan (Jordan'sTransport), Holme Mills, BiggIeswnde; one (3 tons) to Mr. A. U. Armond, 8 Market Square, Potton; one (4 tonst to Mr. W. E. J. Ayes, London Road, Sandy; one (3 tons) to Mr. D. A. R. Hindle, cro Wade's Hotel. Station Street, Milted: one (3 tons) to Mr. N. C. Cammack, Coln,: Engnine, Essex; one (31 tons) to Mr. e. B. Williamson, 42 Creek Road, Sculthorpe; one (3 tons) to Mr. A. E, Barber, Swanton Mot ley; one (3 tons) to Vickers fransport Lo, (Peterborough), Ltd., 36 St. Leonard's Street, Peterborough; one (3 tons) to mr. I'. J. Robins, Junr:, address not known; two (7) tons) to Mr. A. T. Jenkins, in the Metropolitan Traffic Area; one 13 tonsi'to Mr. R. W. Gray, in the Last Midland Traffic Area; one (3 tons) to Norman Cox, Ltd., in the East Midland Traffic Area; one (3 tons) to Mr N. Mager, Lease Lane, East Halton. near Grimsby; one (3 tons) to B. L. hitchlitlan, Ltd., in the East Midland Traffic Area; one (3 tons) to Mr. R. Hilton, address not known; one (3 tons) to Mr. C. J. Cobby, in the Metropolitan Traffic Area; mit (3 tons) to Mr. R. J. Priestley, Cherry Willingham. Lincoln: and one (3 ons1 to , Mr. H. Spriggs, in the East Midland Traffic Area.

'Mr. Grange has also acquired lis, 10 • unit ,6937 (St. Albans), comprising two : • lorries (6 tons).

Other assignments are Mr. C. C. Went, 1.1 -Cross Cottage, Boxted, one lorry . (3 tons) to Messrs. Turner Bros., 60 Chapel Hill, Braintree; Mr. 3, Brindley, The Close, Sharnford, Hinckley, one (21 tons) to Mr.

D. • Taylor, Pius Drove, Crowell: Percy D. Sleeman, Ltd„ 38 Uxbridge Road, . London,. W.5, one (3 tons) to Messrs. G. D. and M. V. Manchetf. High Street, Warboysf and Mr. J. V. Snell, 590 London Westcliff-on-Sea. two (101 tons) to Nlac's Garage (Westeliff-on-Seal. Ltd. IMacanabile Transport), 590-602 London • Road, Westeliff-on-Sea.

The Eastern Licensing Authority has transferred to Mrs. G. D. Hooks, Waterloo Cottage, Wix, a special A licence for 19 VA;eles (56),tons) and, one trailer (2 tons), foi merly held by the late Mr. E. 0. Hooks.

A number of one-vehicle units offered in lis; .1 1 have gone to hauliers in this area. Mr. H. C. Cktyden, Bishop's Stortford, has bought Aldgate unit 7138 (1 ton); Mr. R, S. Parsons, Newmarket (Cambridge unit 7439-31 tons); A. Cooper and Sons '(Transport), Ltd., Sandy, Bedford (Aldgate Unit 6951-1 ton); Mr. J. Tubby, Lowestoft (Cambridge unit 7656-11 tons); WestWood Transport, Ltd.. Beccles (Beccles unit 7250-41 tons). SOUTH WALES A SubStantial first purchase has been made by P. H. Clark (Tiers Cross). Ltd., The Quay, Pembroke. It consists of nine lorries (26) tons). Messrs. Newport (Motor) Services, East Usk Road, Newport, Mon, who ' have bought seven lorries (251 tons), have transferred two (8 tons) to Newport (Motor) Transport Co., of the same address; one (3) tons) to Mr. C Powell, LIwynr411, Brynmawr; one (3) tons) to Mr. B. I. Russell, Bron-y-Mor, 115 High Cross Road, Rogerstone; one (3 tons) to Mr. S Amesbury. 27 Queens Road, Cymmer, Port Talbot; one (4 tons) to Mr. W. H. Hall, Darren House, Hoel-ycyw, Bridgend: one (21 tons) tp Messrs. H. Morgan and Son, 12 Ash Street, Cwm, Ebbw Vale; and one (3) tons) to Mr. C. Cridland. 1 Corporation Road, Cardiff.

• Mr.' Cridland has also acquired three other lorries (8 tons).


Forty-six lorries and nine trailers, including two articulated outfits (1842 tons), based in Parkstone, have been acquired by Mr. A. Cusick, 282 Frederick Street. Oldham. The articulated outfits (16) tons) have been transferred to Cusick (Oldham), Ltd., 'Thornton Street, Manchester.

Mr. E. G. Green (The Edmund Gerald Supplies), 19 Trafalgar Road, Freemantle, Southampton, has bought two lorries (51 tons) and Mr; R. Goodfellow. Chez Nous, Waltham Chase, Botley (31 tons).


Two list 11 units, comprising two lorries (6 tons), have gone to Messrs. Leytonstone Motor Transport, 3 Rodney Road. London, El I. They arc Bow unit 7187 and Greenwich unit 7181.

• Newington Butts unit 7114 has been acquired by Mend. Thometts Depository, 79 Craven Park Road, London, N.W.10. It comprised two Luton vans (5 tons). Another two-vehicle unit (7038), based at Stratford, has gone to Messrs. Poplar Transport, 290 Burdett Road. London, E.14. The lorries have a total unladen weight of 6 tons. Three other hauliers have successfully tendered for one-vehicle units. Mr, S.

Gilham, The Paddock, Baker Lane. London, W.5. has bought Chiswick unit 7006. comprising a Luton van (3 tons): A. F.. Lavender and Sons. Ltd., Uckfield Rd.. Lewc:s. Sussex (Tonbridge unit 7213), a tipper (3 tons); and Messrs. George Potter. 3 York Street, Dover (Canterbury unit 7210), a van (I ton). Special A licences have been granted by the Metropolitan Licensing Authority to: Hill and Sons (Botley and Denmcad), Ltd., Efottings Hotel. Botley, Southampton, for two lorries (12 tons 4 cwt.) and a trailer, based in London; and Mr. R. Perry. 39 Arsenal Road, London, S.E.9. a lorry (2 tons 19 cwt.). Cleeve Hill Transport, Ltd., Southam Court, Presbury. Road, Cheltenham, Glos, have taken over two lorries (5 tons 7 cwt.) and a trailer, 'baSed at Harrow. from Mr. Costelloe, of the same address.

Percy 0 Sleeman. Ltd., 38 Uxbridge Road, London. W.5, have sold nine lorries (24 tons 4 cwt.) to Provincial Carriers. Ltd., Woldham Road. Bromley, Kent, arid a Bedford tractor with two 8-tort s&Mitrailers to Lee's Direct Transport (Enfield). Ltd.. 372 Flertford Road, Enfield.

fen lorries (31 tons 18 cwt.) and five trailers have gone to L. T. Redburn. Ltd., Stockingswater Lane, Brimsdown, Enfield. They were assigned by Mr. P. Regan, Chun Farm, Horsmonden, Kent. Mr. F. R. Bird, 577 High Road. tlford, Essex, who has bought three vehicles (6 tons 4 cwt.) and two trailers, has transferred a lorry (2 tons 8 cwt.) and a trailer to D. V. Wackett. Ltd.. Gale Street Garage, Ripple Road, Barking, Essex. Other assignments authorized are: a lorry (3 tons), based in London, to. Messrs: Aitken's Transport, 49 Blair Roack CoatBridge, Lanarkshire, by Messrs. P. GosS, 99a Quainoan Road, Waddesdon; one (3 tons 14 cwt.) to Mr. A. C. Davies, 79 Mostyn Road, London, S.W.9, by Titterell's Transport (London), Ltd., 29 Piazza Chambers, London, W.C.2; two (10 tons 12 cwt.) to -Messrs. General Express Services, 48 Wouldham Street, London, E.I6, by. Mr. A. Cusick, 282 Frederick Street, Oldham; 11 (511 tons), based in 'London, to Murphy_ Bros., Ltd., Melton. Road, Syston; by Mr. T. H. Prince, 44 Arpley Street, Warrington; one (3 tons) to Mr, T. .1. Robins, Junr, , 54 High Street, London Colney, Hens, by Mr: V. J. Giatige, Peterborough; one (2 tons 19 cwt.) to A. D. Thompson, Ltd., 148 Pentortville, Road, London. N.1, by Raymond Nicholas. Ltd., 8 Hardy Way, Enfield; 'a lorry (2 tons' 6 cwt.) and a trailer to Mr: S. W. Wood, Bonner Street, London. E.2, by A. D. Thompson. Ltd., 148 Pentonville. Road. London. N.1; and a lorry (2 tons 4 cwt.) and a trailer to Oakhurst Transport Co.. Warrens Farm, Oaks Lane. Newbury Park: Ilford. Essex, by Messrs. L. and J. Transport. 150 Humber Road. London. S.E.3.

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