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litmus Cam pestris Australis in Transit

22nd December 1950
Page 54
Page 54, 22nd December 1950 — litmus Cam pestris Australis in Transit
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WHEN Burnham Wood came to VV Dunsinane it was at least a precedent for one of the more unusual transport jobs that are being carried out in connection with the Festival of Britain. Sixty-nine trees are being uprotted from various nurseries at Winchester, Tunbridge Wells, Woking and Windlesham and carried to the South Bank exhibition site in London for replanting.

The haulier undertaking this task is Annis and Co., Ltd., Pump Lane, Hayes, Middx, a company which has tackled many difficult jobs in the past and is at present seeking in the courts to retain its ability to do so.

Most of the trees are coming from the nursery of Messrs. Hillier and Sons at Winchester. They range from Ulmus

Campestris Australis, 60 ft. high, to small saplings and are up to 60 years old. The trees are carefully dug out at the nursery and their roots are tied up in sacking. Most of the weight lies in the root earth ball. With Ulmus Campcstris Australis, the actual tree part weighs 2 tons and the root ball 8 tons.

About 20 of the trees to be carried are approximately of this weight, some 30 weigh 6-8 tons, whilst the remainder are 4-5 tons.

Two days are necessary for the preparation of a tree before it can be loaded on either of the two Scammell semi-low-loader tractor-trailer outfits employed. A wire net is placed around the root ball and is hitched to the lifting tackle of a Loraine mobile

crane. Spreading boughs are tied to decrease the width of the load, which rests horizontally on the trailer on its root ball, with its trunk supported.

The Winchester police require the load to be clear of their city by 8 a.m., so that departure usually takes place at 7 a.m., the tree having been loaded the previous day. Progress is made towards Staines,.which is reached about 4 p.m., but the crossing of Staines bridge is delayed by the local police until 7 p.m. Arrival at South Bank takes place around 9.30 p.m.

Unloading is done the following morning with a Ruston-Bucyrus mobile crane.

As the soil at South Bank is not particularly conducive to the growth of trees, they are being' planted in leaf mould. In any event, the trees are wanted for only a fe.7 months while the Festival lasts. Steel supports are placed against the trunk and will be removed before opening day.

Work on the tree haulage began in October, the biggest trees being moved first. The smaller ones are now being carried there, and the task should be completed by the middle of January.


Organisations: Winchester police
Locations: Winchester, London

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