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• Crosville Blanket Application Succeeds in Modified Form

22nd December 1950
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Page 34, 22nd December 1950 — • Crosville Blanket Application Succeeds in Modified Form
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fN granting Crosville Motor Services, Ltd., the general revision of its fares structure which it sought and explained at a three-day hearing during October, the North-Western Licensing Authority has modified the original proposals, affecting 693 services in his area. The concern sought to eliminate odd halfpennies from its fares and to do so, certain journeys would have borne an additional lid„ whilst others would have cost id. and Id. more.

The Licensing Authority has permitted single fares from Id. to Ilid. to be increased by only Id. Fares between Is. and Is. 61d., which it was proposed to increase by 2d. and lid., depending on the presence of an odd halfpenny, will be raised by Id_ and lid., so that no halfpennies are retained. Higher denominations, which the operator proposed to increase by amounts up to 8d., will be advanced only by 2d. and 3d.

No. 64, Minimum Return Additions of 2d. to 6d. are permitted on return fares, but the application to introduce a 6d. minimum return rate has been refused. Similarly, a proposed minimum workmen's return fare of 4d. has been rejected.

Proposals to increase certain concession fares by varying amounts have been granted in the main, although-in two cases, where an advance of 334 per cent. was sought, this has been reduced to 20 per cent. Cheap market return fares which Crosville wished to eliminate, are to be retained.

Darwen Corporation has also received authority to revise its schedules on 12 routes, decision on the remainder of the application having been reserved. Two joint services with Blackburn Corporation are included in the grant, but decision on the services in the Blackburn area is reserved. Chester Corporation has also received permission to revise fares on 15 services.

Bus fares in Glasgow not affected by the increases granted to the corporation last week (reported in "The Corn mercial Motor" on December 15) will be raised on December 31. As a result of the decision of the Scottish Licensing Authority, the minimum bus fare will now be 3d. instead of 2id. With the exception of the rate for journeys exceeding 13 stages, whichwill remain 5d., single fares will go up by id. The number of stages per children's ticket has also been reduced.

Durham operators may shortly reintroduce the children's id. ticket which has been abolished as a result of applications for increases. The Minister of Transport has informed the local Members of Parliament that he would communicate with the Licensing Authority to that effect with a view to maintaining the id. minimum so long as the licensing conditions remain in their present form. Investigations, following protests, revealed that no applications had been made to raise the id. minimum fare.

Operatin,1 in the Penzance area, Grenville Motors, Ltd., Camborne, has applied for revised fares on eight services.

Welsh Applications Granted Increases varying from 19 to 25 per workmen's and concession fares. as well as 'higher ordinary fares, have been granted to South Wales Transport, Ltd., and United Welsh Services, Ltd., by the South Wales Licensing Authority. The hearing was reported in "The Commercial Motor" on December 8. New fare scales will be applied early in the New Year.

Twenty-nine operators in the Yorkshire Traffic Area have applied for higher rates for scholars' contract tads. Leeds Corporation, seeking further fares revisions, is to reduce certain ordinary fares by id. and to increase others by Id.

East Yorkshire Motor Services, Ltd., has been granted certain variations applied for, whilst others have been refused. United Automobile Services. Ltd., seeks amended fares on 30 services.

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