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21st October 1924
Page 23
Page 23, 21st October 1924 — PASSENGER TRAVEL NEWS.
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The Latest Doings and Developments in the Bus and Coach World.


A Handy and Workmanlike New Vehicle which Can be Put to a Host of Varied Uses.

G("I ENERAL MOTORS, LTD., The London, N.W.9, have just in traduced a new vehicle, the basis of which is the 10-cwt. Chevrolet chassis, which, styled a rural bus, has been de

signed to meet requirements of a most varied nature. The vehicle has been primarily conceived to be of service to country house residents, country carriers and proprietors of hotels and court. try clubs, and on account of the readiness with which it can be converted to transport goods or passengers its appearance will undoubtedly be welcomed. During the shooting season the head of a house party will be spared the need for using his private car for all and sundry purposes, for the Chevrolet rural bus can he used to carry seven guests with an abundance of space for carrying guns and game or golf clubs, and after it has been used for such work and the interior has been somewhat soiled, its varnished panels and linoleum floor covering can readily be washed down. When used for other outings of this description the interior of the vehicle also serves to protect the party when taking meals if the weather be wet.

The vehicle also solves the problem of getting guests and their luggage to and from the station, as it is much better adapted for this work than is the private car, especially if a large quantity of luggage has to be dealt with. If there be a few passengers and a quantity of luggage, the seat on one side can be removed, whilst if luggage only has to be, transported the two seats can he temporarily taken out of position to provide a roomy interior.

Another economical use to which the • vehicle can be put is in connection with the work of the country carrier, who usually carries on his diverse duties in districts which are not particularly well erved by passenger-carrying trains. It is not, therefore, worth his while to meet a train purely far passenger purposes, but by the aid of the Chevrolet rural busit is passible to pick up a few passengers and at the same time carry a quantity of goods. He can also make journeys to the neighbouring towns on market days in the same way, combining goods and passenger tra.ffic according to the needs of the moment.

The Chevrolet rural bus undoubtedly also serves as a useful addition to the transport eqiiiipment of the country hotel proprietor. As already indicated, it can be used for station work, whilst

for picnics, fishing excursions and other forms of recreation it handiness is a valuable asset.

We have indicated the wide range of uses to which the new vehicle can be put, and we think we cannot do better than briefly refer to its outstanding features. The chassis is the 10-cwt. Chevrolet model which, as is perhaps wellknown, incorporates in its design a fourcylinder engine with a 51-1--in. bore and a 4-in. stroke ; it has an Re.A.C. rating of 21.7 h.p. From the vaIve-in-head power

unit the drive is conveyed through a cone clutch, a three-speed gearbox to a strong rear axle with a spiral-bevel gear. The wood artillery-type wheels which are used are fitted with demountable rims equipped with 30-in, by 3i-in. cord tyres.

Se far as the body is concerned, it is framed in ash and paneiled in Plyma.x, the interior being lined with three-ply. The entrance to the body interior is by way of a rear door, 2 ft. 6 ins, wide, with a fixed glass light. A longitudinal seat with comfortable cushions upholstered in leather cloth runs the full length of the body on each side, and padded backrests are fitted about the level of the waist rail to give additional comfort. The seats are constructed so as to be readily removable, and when not required they can he secured to the underside of the roof by stout leather straps, as is clearly shown in one of our illustrations. The interior bodywork is finished in the natural grain, and a smart appearance is given to the exterior by painting the lower panels and wheels green, the top panels a shade of • cream and the mouldings black.

The chief dimensions of the Chevrolet rural boa are.----Length behind driver's seat, 4 ft. 11 ins.; height, 4 ft. 3 ins.; width, 4 ft. 4& ins. ; overall length, 12 ft. 2 ins.; overall height, 6 ft. 11i ins.


Locations: London

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