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A Water Pump for Morris Engines.

21st October 1924
Page 20
Page 20, 21st October 1924 — A Water Pump for Morris Engines.
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MITE COOLING water for the engines of Morris vehicles is circulated thermo-siphonically and, so far as -we can judge, this system gives very good results, but there may be occasions when the use of a pump may prove beneficial;. in any ease, some users of meter vehicles are inclined to place greater reliance upon the more positive method.

-.Such being the case, interest attaches to a centrifng,-al pump, known, as the Torrent, which has been designed specially for use with the Morris engine.

This pump has a body of aluminium and a spindle of nickel steel, the bearing and the impeller being in gunmetal, end it is driven in triangle with the fan. It is supplied complete With extra belt links, a new water-joint washer and fitting instructions, at the Price of £2 15s., by Allen SteVgart. and Co., Ltd., Abbey 'Rouse, Westminster; Din don, S.W.1. . .

The fitting is extremely simple. First C36 the radiator is emptied and then 3 ins. cut out of the centre of the existing water hose. The setscrews of the water

flange are then removed and the pieces of hose remaining on the radiator pipe are pulled off. The pipe is then cleaned ready for fitting, and the 3 ins, of hose replaced, this being slid out:of the way so that the pump can be fitted. The fan belt adjustment is then slackened. the Whittle belt removed and. the extra links inserted Next the face of the flanged seating of the cylinder headis cleaned and the new gasket placed in position, the pump being secured to it by means of setscrews and washers.

The Whittle belt should be fitted over the pulleys so that it is just slack, and the fan adjustment brought into position so that the fan pulley takes up the slack and gives a light tension upon the whole belt. Finally the Water hose is slid :over the pump and clipped into position, the grease cup filled with Price's Belmolino A. lubricant and given a few turns and the radiator refilled.

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