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A New E.R.F. Three-cylinder 4-ton Oiler A BOUT a month ago

21st June 1935, Page 42
21st June 1935
Page 42
Page 42, 21st June 1935 — A New E.R.F. Three-cylinder 4-ton Oiler A BOUT a month ago
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E. R. Foden and Son (E.R.F., Ltd.), Sun Wores, Sandbach, Cheshire, added to its range of oil-engined goods vehicles a new model in the 4-ton class, having as its power unit a Gardner threecylindered engine. The new model is available in two wheelbase lengths, the longer chassis being standardized for a drop-sided lorry, and the shorter being employed when the concern's 4-cubic-yd. tipping body is specified. The short chassis, with cab, is also suitable for forming the motive unit of an articulated six-wheeler.

In spite of the sturdy construction for which this maim is renowned, the model 0E3, by which symbol the standard lorry is distinguished, weighs unladen less than 3 tons.

In general layout it resembles previous E.R.F. design, but its appearance has been enhanced by the curved flush front, clearly shown in the accompanying illustration. Instead of protruding from the front panel, the zadiator is now recessed, and concealed behind a grille, so that the whole front —panel, grille and windscreen—offers a smooth surface, which follows a longradius curve about a transverse axis and slopes slightly to the rear towards the top. A polished bumper extending from the outer corners of the wing tips, finishes the lower edge.

The power unit—a 3LW model— has a bore and stroke of 41 ins. by 6 ins.; it is rated at 20.75 h.p. and develops 52 b.h.p. at 1,700 r.p.m. The torque is transmitted through a 12-in, single-plate clutch to a, unitconstructed gearbox affording four speeds. Thence, power is carried by a

one-piece open tubular propeller shaft to an overhead-worm-type rear axle, having fully floating shafts.

Incorporating the Dewandre-Lockheed system, the foot brake is of the vacuum-servo type, transmitting power hydraulically to shoes in 16-in.diameter drams on all four wheels.

The standard tyre size is 32 ins. by 6 ins., with twins on the rear wheels, but 34-in. by 7-in. tyres are available for a small extra cost.

With raised chock-rails and 1-ft. 6-in, sides, the standard body is 14 ft. long and 6 ft. 6 ins. wide (internal measurements).


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