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The Wheels of Industry,

21st January 1915
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Page 11, 21st January 1915 — The Wheels of Industry,
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This journal, dealing as it does with the "Chariots of War," no less than with the "Wheels of Industry," continues of national importance. Its interests embrace impartially the transport wagon and the parcelcar, the military tractor and the steam lorry.

Proposals and Purchases.

Aberdeen Public Health Department is asking tenders for a motor ambulance.

Bacup Town Council has ordered a Leyland motor fire-engine. Plymouth Town Council has ordered a. Mann steam wagon. Batley Town Council will shortly ask tenders for a motor fire-engine. Farnham (Surrey) Joint Fire-Brigade Committee is continuing its conferences with neighbouring authorities.

Sowerby Bridge U.D.C. has appointed a sub-committee to report as to the purchase of a motor fireengine.

The L.G.B. will not sanction a loan of £750 for Southampton T.C. to convert a 12-year-old, horsedrawn fire-engine. The Lambeth Borough Council, almost entirely through the persistence of Councillor J. C. Mitchell, has turned down proposals for new horse-stables, and has resolved to proceed with the motorization of it Cleansing Department. A start has been made with two Laffiy sweepers.

Our Fund.

We expect to have completed the second £1000, towards the total of 25000 which we are told by responsible A.S.C. officers at the Front can be beneficially and usefully spent, by the end of this week. Further particulars will be found on pages 376 and 377. We wish to remind our supporters that everything which we send out is despatched in their names, and that each case of comforts contains a number of copies of the up-to-date list of donors. Whilst the Fund is conducted by us, and whilst we are undertaking, with the voluntary help of our staff, the exacting work of administration and distribution, we regard ourselves merely as a channel for carrying out a programme for the complete -execution of which readers are responsible.

Damaged and Neglected Roads.

Apropos our first leading articles in this issue, and our third leading article in last week's issue, there is a final point in the attitude of the Government itself, seeing that its naval, postal, and war departments are themselves large users, either directly or indirectly, of heavy motor vehicles. This attitude was clearly indicated, in the House of Commons, on the 5th May last, when Capt. Norton, on behalf of the Postmaster-General, intimated that it was the intention of the Crown to avail itself, in the case of claims, of

the exemption which it enjoyed from any application to it of the provisions of the Highways and Locomotives (Amendments) Acts of 1878 and 1898, and to maintain that the proper remedy of the local authorities was at the hands of the Road Board. Thus has our cause the aid of nowerful allies.

Extraordinary Traffic Claim.

The judge of the Congleton County Court was occupied last week in hearing the opening of the action of the Buglawton U.D.C. v. The Silver Springs Bleaching and Dyeing Co., Ltd., to recover the sum of £103 145. 10d. for alleged damage to roads in the Council's area by the defendant company's steam wagons. The Council was represented by Mr. F. Brocklehurst, and the defendant company by Mr. Gordon Hewart, K.C., M.P., and Mr. Dehn.

Council for the plaintiff authority stated that the defendant company used about i mile of the 11 miles of roads within the district, and had done so back to the year 1903. Steam wagons were used with trailers, and the traffic was entirely foreign to the district. The surveyor to the Council stated that the road was not capable of bearing heavy traffic, but was sufficient for the ordinary traffic of the district. In the course of cross-examination by Mr. Hewart, he admitted that the Silver Sr,rings Co. had contributed £2000 towards the upkeep of this road, over a term of years. Other witnesses admitted that nobody had been appointed to keep an observation of the traffic which passed over the road. Counsel for the defendant company also suggested that all the roads in the Council's district, and not only those used by the steam wagons, were in a bad state of repair, and this was admitted by the late surveyor to the plaintiff Council. The case is adjourned until February. Another Wolseley Ambulance.

The Hon. Peter McBride, AgentGeneral for Victoria, acting on behalf of Mr. Leslie Stuart, of Melbourne, has presented a Wolseley ambulance to the Belgian Army.

Taximeter Patents.

The Patents Court had before it, on the 14th inst., an application by the London Motor Cab Proprietors Association for the suspension of the patent for the Bruhn taximeter. The Comptroller had not announced his decision at the time of our going to press.

Henley Tires.

The tire department of W. T. Henley's Telegraph Works Co., Ltd., now has its new London address at 18, Union Street, Moorfields, E.C. These premises have a floor-space of about 6000 sq. ft., and both pneumatic and solid tires are stocked. This company has of late been receiving many repeat and new orders for solid tires in particular, and a succession of extensions has become necessary at its Gravesend factory. This works is now more than double its former size, and is now in process of being doubled again.

A Manchester Show.

We learn from Mr. F. Bullock, the manager and secretary of the North of England Motor Shows, Ltd., that he is now engaged upon the promotion of a motor exhibition to be held at the Ice Palace, Derby Street, Manchester, from the 16th to 24th April next. The sections include motorcars, light cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, tires and accessories. This Show, we understand, is not ap proved by the Society of Motoz Manufacturers and Traders, but success is none the less anticipated by Mr. Bullock and the gentlemen who are associated with him.

Intricate Steel Castings.

It may interest some of our readers to know that M. J. Lamhot, late of Charleroi, Belgium, is now established at 45, Endell Street, London, W.C. M. Lambot is an expert in the production of very thin and intricate castings, as used in certain branches of motorvehicle work, and can both advise in respect of or undertake contracts for complete installations of steel furnaces. He is also open to be consulted in regard to plans or superintendence. His knowledge extends to the plants which have been supplied to leading steel foundries in Belgium and Germany.

One of the most artistic calendars which has reached this office is that from the British ChuCk and Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Coventry.

Leyland Motors (1914,) Ltd., has issued tear-off wall calendars for the coming year, on. each of. which is an excellent reproduction in colours of a photograph of one of its standard types of lorries.

More L.C.O.C. Entertainznent.

Fairfax Hall, Flarringay, was gaily decorated on Friday evening last, when the • staff of Palmer's Green garage of the L.G.0:C. gave a tea and entertainment to the wives and children of the busmen who are serving their country at the Front. Altogether, there were 400 present, and after tea the visitors were kept amused by Punch and Judy shows, conjurors, music, etc. A part of the proceedings which was most appreciated by the youngsterk

was when Father Christmas appeared and distributed presents from a huge Christmas tree which was decorated with electric lights

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