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A REMINDER that people need protection front animals as well as

21st December 1985
Page 23
Page 23, 21st December 1985 — A REMINDER that people need protection front animals as well as
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animals from people comes from the Road Haulage Association's Livestock Carriers' Functional Group. In its submission to the Farm Animal Welfare Council it is "particularly concerned with the safety of hauliers who carry bulls and recommends that a bull be carried with cows as a means of overcoming the obvious dangers.. ."

It adds: "A bull that is difficult and dangerous to load on its own will invariably follow cows into a vehicle quietly and docilely . . . " It is not only the American male who is ruled by women.

Mind you, just as dog owners grow to look like their pets, so cattle breeders are liable to develop a bullish streak. For instance, the Yorkshire Post reported: "A young student has gained top honours in the pedigree Aberdeen Angus section at the Wetherby Show."

And not everyone can distinguish between bulls and cows. A girl who saw a huge bull with a ring through its nose at the Smithfield Show exclaimed: "Look! There's a punk cow." And in the charming Exmoor village of FxfOrd bovine creatures of either gender are commonly referred to as "they bullicks".

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