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Bodywork for the Specialist User

20th May 1949, Page 22
20th May 1949
Page 22
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Page 22, 20th May 1949 — Bodywork for the Specialist User
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A Greyhound Transporter, a Horsebox and a Mobile Shop Exemplify the Wide Range of Bodywork Built by S.M.T. Sales and Service

FXCELLENT and, in some cases. _unusual. examples of coachbuildI ing have been produced by S.M.T. Sales and Service, Marine

Gardens, Portobello, Midlothian. Amongst these is a striking vehicle Which is one of three special dogcarrying vans built to the order of the Greyhound Racing Association.

The chassis is a Scammell 6-ton dropframe, low-loading tractor-trailer with 8.25 by 10 tyre equipment on the twin rear wheels. ' Eighteen greyhounds are carried in specially constructed wiremesh cages with lift-up front doors in sliding channels, each cage being easily removable for cleaning.

Central G,angway

A seat is provided at the rear for an attendant, and access to any part is readily afforded by a passage throughout the length of the body. Five of the cages are situated on the elevated front at the off side, and there is a ramp from the lower to the upper deck at the near side to facilitate loading and unloading. The remaining 13 cages are carried on the main deck,

A wash basin and pedestal seat arc also mounted on the raised part. Access is afforded by a hinged door at the near side, thereby allowing the attendants to enter the body without lowering one or both of the two ramps at this -side.

The complete vehicle is about 1 in. less than the maximum legal length of 33 ft.

Naturally, ventilation is extremely important, because dogs may have to he loaded immediately after having raced. Vent-Axia electrically driven extractors are mounted on the roof at the rear, the power for these being supplied by an additional battery housed under the floor at the off-side rear.

The inside of the body is completely panelled, whilst a zinc skirt panel 6 ins. high is fitted at the junction of the floor and sides. The interior finish is in white enamel. Externally the colour is yellow with blue writing.

Five three-stall horseboxes, each with

accommodation for three attendants, a driver and his mate, have been mounted on Maudslay Marathon passenger chassis to the order of Britkh Railways.

Two of the stalls are immediately behind the cab, being loaded and unloaded by way of a wide side ramp. The third stall is approximately in the centre of the body and is reached via a ramp at the rear. /vIonareli rampcontrol gears permit easy operation by' one man. Access to the horses is afforded by passageways within the body. These are reached by a door on the centre near side, and another at the rear off side.

Internal fittings are so hinged and fully detachable in sections that they allow easy removal of all animals in the event of accident or other mishap during transit. Ventilation is effected by means of side louvres on the external panels and beetle-type extractors on the roof. Communication between attendants and driver is by means of a bus-type system, push-buttons being situated at various points throughout the body.

Mobile shops are winning much commendation, but that built for the Cowlairs Co-operative Society is arranged so that it can be left on a site for any required time and then practically fulfills the normal functions of a static shop.

In this example. the motive unit is a Scarnrnell 6-ton mechanical horse, but the vehicle is designed to permit also the coupling of a BedfordScammell unit. The trailer, which is a Scammell unit, has 10.50 by 16 .tyre equipment on the single wheels.

At the near side, the centre section. about 10 ft. long, folds up and down, the lower half forming a platform on which customers are served and where they are protected by a wind flap at each side. Hand rails prevent overcrowding. The counter is in the •form of a glass-fronted showcase and the body is lined throughout with shelves.

Immediately opposite the counter a show case with sliding glass panels is incorporated in the shelving; show cases are also fitted at each end, resting on the top of the counter. The 'upper deck is framed to carry bread hoards, and at the near-side rear, in the well, is a potato bin carrying about 5 cwt. Further.. fittings, at the off-side rear, arg a wash basin and a towel rail. Actess to the bqdy is by -means of a Ire 'rent 'door. The base is divided

into three decks—upper, main body and well.

Lighting is wired throughout for mains, complete with switchboxes for power plugs, etc. The object is to connect to the mains at approved sites. There are three 100-watt lamps.

The finish is attractive. The counter and show cases are stained and varnished, and the interior is in white enamel throughout. Externally, the colours are dark green with a light greets band. The writing is in gold leaf shaded red, and the trade mark is the King George V-type railway engine hand painted in its proper colours.

Amongst other notable bodies made by this concern is a mobile library for Derbyshire Counts Council. Tivo of these were constructed on Bedford passenger :chassis and supplied through G. S. Oscroft and Co., Ltd. The main portion is lined with shelves of various sizes. At the front is a serving counter with drawers, cupboards, Cash till, etc. Access from the driver's compartment is -by a lift-up section and door in the counter. The main entranee .is by a sliding 'door on the near side: Height is reordcd by a lantern roof of Perspex panels with hinged side windows. A Clayton heater is fitted.

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