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Chenard-Walcker Tractors for England.

20th March 1928, Page 61
20th March 1928
Page 61
Page 61, 20th March 1928 — Chenard-Walcker Tractors for England.
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AFEW days ago we had a chat with Mr. Louis 13randes, who has recently left Carrimore Six Wheelers, Ltd., to take up the sale in Greet Britain and the Colonies of ChenardWalcker tractors and trailers, which, we understand, willbe produced in England in various haulage. capacities to meet all classes of wort.

The French railways have adopted the Cheriard-Walcker system, because by utilizing these tractors the power unit can be instantaneously connected to or disconnected from any trailer suitably equipped with the Swan-neck drawbar and special coupling, and it is a simple matter to convert a wagon, previously horse-drawn, to mechanical haulage by these means. Large numbers are already in use for this purpose and have practically swept the horse away from railway service.

The patent means for attachment is so designed that the tractor and trailer, can be more easily manceuvred than a horsed vehicle and, as our illustration shows, it is possible to bring the tractor round until it is almost parallel with its trailer, but running in the reverse direction.

The tractor unit is so light as to appeal to those whose work involves the traversing of sandy and light roads,

especially in the Colonies. It is designed particularly for use on peen

matie tyres and this has permitted the obtaining of light weight without an undue sacrifice of strength.

The haulage column is mounted over the rear axle and it is so arranged that the special connection between it and the drawbar can be raised or lowered as desired, and the drawbar is rigidly connected to the turntable carrying the front wheels, which has the effect of loading the rear of the tractor-in other words, transferring a portion ot the weight of the trailer on to the tractor, thus enabling the driving wheels to obtain a better grip.

We shall await the result of thorough tests of this outfit with some interest, also its development from the point of view of manufacture in this country.

Inquiries should be addressed to Chenard-Walcker Tractors, 16-17, Pali Mall, London, S.W.1.


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