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Tanker Driver Wins at Oxford

20th July 1956, Page 46
20th July 1956
Page 46
Page 46, 20th July 1956 — Tanker Driver Wins at Oxford
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WINNER of the Oxford eliminating contest for the Lorry Driver of the Year Competition at Kidlington airport last Sunday was 'F. M. Foreman (Shell-Mex and BP., Ltd., A.E.C. tanker). Second came Sgt. R. J. Brown (R.E.M.E., Austin) and third, R. D. Sykes (British Road Services, Oxford, Bedford-Scammell).

B.R.S. fielded 27 vehicles out of a total entry of 57. About a dozen operators supported the event. Names of drivers who will compete in the Bramcote final on September 23 are given in the class results below.

Four drivers lost no marks on the observed road section—Foreman, S./Sgt. E. C. Spencer (R.E.M.E., Austin), D. C. Ayres (Shell-Mex and B.F., Ltd., Dennis-Scarrimell) and S. C. Jenkins (Pease Transport, Ltd., Bedford). A question on the Highway Code which faulted many competitors concerned the significance of a continuous white line. K. A. Wiltshire (B.R.S., Swindon, A.E.C.) scored 98 per cent.

The first manceuvring test was to drive through two pairs of pylons set to a width judged by the driver as the narrowest gap he could enter. The second gap was at right-angles to the first and some drivers proceeded quite simply, according to the diagram given to competitors, by turning right after coming out of the first pair of posts. Others drove out and turned 270° to the left, negotiating the second gap after a straight run of 10 yd. or more.

Four drivers knocked down pylons in this test. Best scorer at 85 per cent. was G. Rockall (B.R.S.. High Wycombe, Leyland), whilst T. J. Williams (Central Electricity Authority, A.E.C.) and G. E. Thorpe (W. Lucy and Co., Ltd., Bedford) each gained 84. The second test involved reversing through a 90° turn into a gap. There were 16 disqualifica RI2 tions. The best man was B. L. Huckin (Premix Concrete, Ltd., Bedford) with 92 points, half a point ahead of Sgt. Brown and A. R. D. Harbottle Oxford, Leyland),

The third test was 'locally drawn up and involved parking the vehicle as close as possible to the kerb in a space equal to 11 times the length of the vehicle. Eleven drivers were disqualified. Sgt. Brown scored 941 marks and G. Cox (B.R.S., Oxford, Leyland), 94.

This test was timed, so that a faster time would decide a tie. G. H. Young (Pease Transport, Ltd., A.E.C.), who rivalled Cox in total marks for the contest, was slower than Cox in the third test and lost his chance to appear at Bramcote.

Eleven teams, each of three drivers, competed for the team award. Winners were Cox, Harbottle and A. Powell (B.R.S., Oxford), with their Leyland car transporters. They aggregated 1,1851

marks. Runners-up were a R.E.M.E. team with 1,1791 marks.

Mechanical condition of vehicles was inspected and many skid marks were left on a track where braking tests were held. A notable performer here was G. Hopkins .(National Behzole Co., Ltd., Albion). Lucas representatives passed only one vehicle as having perfect headlamp alignment. It was the Austin of P. M. Thorne (B.R.S., Oxford).

The award of the Traders' Road Transport Association for the bestmaintained C-licence vehicle went to R. James (Shell-Mex and B.P., Ltd., Bedford-Scammell). The best maintained among other vehicles was the A.E.C. of J. Plumb (B.R.S., Swindon).

Sgt. Brown took the prize of Hartwell's Garages, Ltd., as the leading Austin exponent and gained also a Services award. Sykes, the best Bedford driver, received the prize of the City Motor Co.,.Ltd., and for J. R. Wilmer (Halt's Brewery, Ltd., Morris-Commercial) there was a corresponding award by Morris Garages, Ltd.

The event took place on a fairly fine day and was remarkably well attended by the public. For spectators, however, events may have been difficult to follow, as vehicles did not compete in class order.

Results were quickly collated on a large scoreboard. Totals were added on a machine and classified results Were ready within 20 minutes of the end of the driving tests.


ChM B: Over 15 ft-. Op to 19 ff. LIE S. Huggins (Premix concrete, Ltd., Bedford), 427% Marks. 2. B. L. Huckin (Premix Concrete. Ltd.. Bedford). 420 marks.

Class C: Over 19 ft, up to 22 ft.

I, F. M. Foreman (Shall-Mcx and B.P., Ltd.. A.E.C. tanker), 444 marks. 2, Sgt. R. J, Brown (129 Infantry Workshops, R.E.M.E., TA., Austin), 442 marks.

Class 13: Over 22 ft., up to 25 ft.

1,. F. Andrews, inr. (Central Electricity Authority, A.E.C.), 420% marks. 2. I. E. GoIdlink (Messrs. F. C. Mead, Chinnor, Thantes), 406 marks.

Class E: Over 25 U.

1, G. Rockall (British Road Services, High Wycombe, Leyland), 424 marks. 2, G, Cox (R.R.S., Oxford, Leyland), 423 marks.

Class F: Articulated

1, R. D. Sykes taRS., Oxford, BedfordScammell), 441 marks. 2, R. T. Butler (13.R.S., Kidling-ton, Bedford-Scamn3e11), 433% mar

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