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A Neat and Practical Oil Dispenser

20th December 1935
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Page 50, 20th December 1935 — A Neat and Practical Oil Dispenser
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rOMPARED with filling up with petrol or oil fuel, the work of topping up the engines with lubricating oil is a laborious business, especially where a fleet of vehicles is concerned. 1340.

Generally, a number of hand-carts is required to complete the work in the time available, and a good deal of wastage occurs through spilling. • To overcome these difficulties, the Hammond Pump and Equipment Co., Ltd., Victoria Road, London, N.W.10, is now marketing a new oil dispenser, which will deliver oil from storage tanks in a similar manner to that employed for petrol and oil fuel.

Known as the Hammond Electrical Meter, the device is of compact design. The purnit and driving motor are incorporated in the column, and on its top face, which is sloped at an angle of 30 degrees,. is a carefully graduated meter. Two hands are provided, one revolution of the outer hand equalling one pint, whilst one revolution of the inner hand equals one

gallon. In addition, there is a recorder w'hicb indicates the total up to

9.999 pints. • • A press-button switch controls the .b.p. motor, and an overload device is incorporated so that in the event of the motor being left running it is automatically switched off before damage is likely to occur through overloading.

The hose is mounted on a swivel and the gun is provided with an antidrip nozzle, giving a positive cut-off. The suction lift of the pump is 15-18 ft., and a by-pass valve is incorporated so that control is effected from the gun, the hose and pipe-line remaining full under all conditions.

It is claimed that the device will deliver an ordinary light oil at the rate of 20-22 pints per minute, and heavier grades at 12-15 pints per minute. At a demonstration we witnessed, oil, having a viscosity of 200 seconds, was dispensed at a rate of 19 pints per minute, the lift being about 18 ft. The motor was quiet in operation and good control was afforded by the gun, the flow being easily regulated from a mere dribble to full strength.

The column is 3 ft. 9 ins, high and 1 ft. 3 ins. wide. The price is £35.


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