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Passing Comments

1st May 1942, Page 18
1st May 1942
Page 18
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Page 18, 1st May 1942 — Passing Comments
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Why Do Tyres QLOW leaks in tyre inner Gradually Lose Their 0-3tubes are stated to be Pressure? caused by sparks of static elec tricity generated within them. In order to neutralize these charges and prevent premature destruction of the rubber, some operators in America are employing a conductive powder which can be injected through the valve. Previously, some authorities have taken the view that it is the oxygen which gradually percolates and causes the deterioration, leaving the inert nitrogen. That is why the use of pure, nitrogen for filling tyres has been recommended. One of the Many lkAANY and varied are the Technical Problems technical queries received Put to Us . . . by this journal. One ticklish problem put before us some time ago concerned a vehicle, the engine of which was normally excellent in respect of its consumption of lubricant. Suddenly, it began to use huge quantities and smoked, although no leakage could be observed. On these facts, after due cogitation, we diagnosed a choked crankcase vent. The delighted owner replied saying that the original vent tube had been broken off and he had plugged the hole with a large cork!

Speed-up Tractor Output to Help Food Position

FO-DAY'S food situation demands that every• farmer should produce more of everything, but he has less to do it with, and that imposes on the owners of machinery, particularly tractor operators, an obligation to make the best possible use of their equipment. That summarizes the foreword by the Earl of Radnor, chairman of the Agricultural Machinery Development Board, to a timely and valuable little booklet just issued by the Tractor Users' Association. " Tractor Output—How to Get the Best from Your Machine " is its title, and as it is written by Mr. D. R. Bomford, chairman of the Association, it bears the stamp of experience. The arguments employed to support the subject-title are freely and readably expressed and, broadly speaking, are unanswerable. More Parts of CornLAST ICS have as yet

mercial Motors Could I entered the commercial, Be of Plastics . . vehicle-manufacturing indus try to but a limited extent. In electric equipment their use is fairly widespread. They are found in knobs, handles, etc., such as on controls, whilst materials having a synthetic-resin basis are used, possibly, for a few small mechanical parts. That they have other and larger applications, however, is evidenced by the recent appearance of an item of tipping-gear apparatus—an hydraulic pump— in which several of the major parts are formed of a substance of this description, including the pistons. We welcome it, and congratulate its maker upon theprogressive step that is undoubtedly represented by this means for facilitating production and cutting down costs and weight.

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