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Ending for a

1st February 1952
Page 55
Page 55, 1st February 1952 — Ending for a
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New. Era

How Midland "Red" is Extending Its Single-deckers to Take Pour More Seats

r-INE effect of the recent concessions on the size of passenger Vehicles' has been to make..some operators discontented with their existing coaches and buses, originally constructed 'to the former limits. It is, of cold-se, not,always possible, from the economic point of make the cOnsider

able changes which might be involved in modifying all such vehicles to take advantage of the increased dimensions permitted. However, the Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Co., Ltd., has been fortunate in this respect, for its practical general manager, Mr. D. M. Sinclair, C.B.E., quickly discovered that the post-war 40-scat underfloor engined single -deckers, which are 27 ft. 6 ins, long, could, without great difficulty or major alteration to the chassis, be extended almost 4o 30 ft. and thus provide room for an additional four passengers.

200 Conversions This transformation is being carried out on behalf of the Midland " Red" by Charles H. Rod, Ltd., of Leeds. The body repair factory of this company is wholly occupied with this contract, which covers 200 conversions.

It is, of course, important that the vehicles should not be out of service either in considerable numbers • or for long periods. By careful organization, this has been achieved. We understand that the job from start to finish on each vehicle occupies, on the average, something like a week. hut, of course, advantage is usually taken. of the opportunity to carry out any other. body repairs which may be required after the long service already given by these bodies.

Reference to the illustrations will show how easily the work is carried out. The back of the' body is removed complete, the " break " being made conveniently at the pillars immediately behind the rear wheels. The rear body supports are removed, and channel

section, tapered, frame extensions, supplied by 13,M.M.O., are bolted into the original frame ends and welded along the edges, the body snpports then being refitted. The extension must, of course, be of ample strength, not only to carry the weight of that part of the body, but also for the reason that the batteries in these vehicles are slung from the frame ends. The additional length of body is afforded by the insertion of suitable lengths of waist and other rails, and additional side and roof panels. There are other small additions, such as floor covering.

Actually batter visibility is provided for the occupants at the rear, because, instead of fitting short windows, the old windows are removed entirely, and longer ones substituted for them. There are also two further modifications. The division behind the driver is stepped back at its lower part to provide knee room, and the positions of all the other seats are altered accordingly, whilst keeping within the regulations.

The extension having been completed, the vehicle goes to the paint shops and drying room. So well is the work carried out that the finished vehicles are, if' anything, more prepossessing than previously,


People: D. M. Sinclair
Locations: Birmingham, Leeds

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