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A Combined Universa Joint and Clutch

19th May 1933, Page 60
19th May 1933
Page 60
Page 60, 19th May 1933 — A Combined Universa Joint and Clutch
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Recently Published Patent Specifications

THE name of Robert Bosch Aft appears in patent No. 390,420, in which a universal joint is coupled with an arrangement by means of which slip can occur should the torque be greater than a predetermined degree, as when a main clutch is let in too suddenly.

The universal joint is of the conventional type in which a flexible ring is employed. A flanged sleeve (8) has a quick-pitch thread on it which engages with the nut (11), so that when an overload occurs it moves to the right, and by means of projections (22) relieves the pressure of the spring disc (19) on the plates :which form the clutch, thus allowing a certain amount of slip to.take Securing Valve Seats.

I PRACTICAL means whereby a new valve seating may be secured to a cylinder is shown in patent No. 390,744, by W. T. Ourbridge, Parklands, Park Road, :Coventry. The cylinder to be operated upon is bored out by means of a special tool which forms a recess with two dianieters and a groove (31) to: take the flange (Al) of the ring (B), which is split so that it may be contracted to permit the flange to enter the groove.

• The ring (C) which is to form the new seating is so dimensioned as to be a force fit in both the recess in the cylinder casting and in the ring B, whilst it is reduced at its upper end, as shown at Cl. When in place the ring (C), which is made from ductile metal,is spun or rolled over as shown, so as to form a positive holding for the new seating.

A Bendix Brake Design.

APPEARING in patent No. 389,552

is the name of Bendix Brake Co., of America. The specification describes a recent design of Bendix brake. The actuating lever (36) is placed within the brake drum, and is of the floating type, that is to say, the pin which forms the pivot on which it hinges does not fit the hole through which it passes. The ends of the lever, which is formed of flat steel, are turned up at right angles to replace the usual cam, as shown at 30 and 46.

The most novel feature of the design would appear to. lie in the form of the anchorage abutment (14), which is triangular. This is said to cause the ends of the shots, When the brake is released, to slide along the angular surface of the triangular abutment, the movement occurring silently.

Preventing Rebound of Starter Pinions: THE specification No. 389,294 of the Eclipse Machine Co.; Elmira, New York, points out that in some cases a starter pinion may be forced out of mesh with such velocity that it may rebound from the abutment forming the limit of its out-of-mesh position and strike the flywheel gear, thus possibly causing damage.

To prevent the possibility of such rebound is the main object of the invention, and the provision for this consists ot a spring washer (43), which is split int() parts and held in a groove formed between the pinion and the collar, against which it abuts when out of mesh with the flywheel gear. This collar has a flat face where it buts against the pinion, as shown at 31, and a conical face where it buts against the collar at 38.

Any extremely rapid return of the pinion to the disengaged position, instead of resulting in a rebound, will Cause. the split washer (43) to expand from the position shown in the left-hand view _to that shown in the tight-hand view, thus preventing a rebound.

The Steering of Trailers.

IN patent ,No. 390,472, Gebrilder

Welger, Goslarschestrasse 9-12, Wolfenbuttel, Brunswick-, Germany, relates to a form of trailer which, it-is claimed. can easily be turned in very small circles, The front wheels are mounted on stub axles and are connected to a plate (T), which is governed by the movement of the 'drawbar and swings on a pivot (I).

Connecting rods couple the plate (T) to the rear axle, which swings on a common central pivot (0). This pivot may be combined with a joint which will allow the rear axle to tilt.

An Automatic Ignition Switch.

FROM Natal comes the invention, No. 300,4.82, of V. K. Vyvyan and C. M. Lefevre, which relates to an automatic switch designed to prevent the running down of batteries should the ignition switch be accidentally left on when the engine is not running.

A closed chamber is provided with a. flexible diaphragm having a valve be.neath it. It is in communication with the inlet pipe of the engine so that when the engine is running vacuum can depress the diaphragm and so complete the electrical circuit by bringing the contact points F-and Fl together.•


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