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3-ton Works Truck

19th December 1958
Page 49
Page 49, 19th December 1958 — 3-ton Works Truck
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rlA PLATFORM truck with a capacity versions for use on the public roads, Towne Manufacturing Co., Wednesfield, battery-electric appliance with a top speed rideror pedestrian-controlled.

Battery capacity is stated to be sufficient for an eight-hour shift, whilst a discharged battery can be replaced within minutes. Various sizes of elevating platform are offered.

Yale 51 3,000-10,000 lb. battery-electric fork-lift trucks are now made with a lifting speed of 40 ft. per min. for 2-ton load. This is stated to be the fastest of any British-built machine of equivalent capacity. Elevating speed unladen is more than 60 ft. per min.

Heights for which the new speeds are offered are 8 ft. 4 in., 10 ft. 10 in. and 12 ft. In the conventional speed range, 51 trucks can be obtained to stack loads up to 30 ft.

Lump-failure Indicator THE Cheklite is a dashboard accessory produced by S. Norrish, Ltd., 220 Great Portland Street, London, W.1, to indicate the failure of a side or rear lamp. It has a face 11 in. diameter with four green illuminating discs representing the side and rear lights. If a fault should occur. in the lighting circuit causing any lamp to become extinguished, the corresponding disc on the Cheklite goes out.

Normally, the discs are illuminated when the side and rear lamps are switched on and the degree of brightness can be adjusted at the time of installation. Another feature is a parking switch which can be used to turn out near-side lamps. Complete with cable, the Cheklite costs £5 7s. 6d.

Plastics Letters CHIEFLY intended for labelling storage shelves and bins, Gripson plastics letters are available from Precision Components (Barnet), Ltd., 13 Byng Road, Barnet, Hens.

of up to 3 tons, and available in has been produced by the Yale and Wolverhampton, Staffs. It is a laden of 5 m.p.h. and may be either

The letters are white on a black background, and the pieces interlock. For attachment to a surface, the letters are stuck to a strip which has adhesive on both sides, the back being blanked off with paper, which can be peeled off. The strips can be used more than once, as may be necessary if a shelf is relabelled.

Sets of 252 letters or numbers cost £3 3s., with spacing pieces and adhesive strip, and characters can be bought loose at 3s. a dozen or £1 10s. a gross.

Tubed Sealing Compound TN use in different works where it is i applied by pressure gun, Autamastic sealing compound is now available from Secomastie, Ltd., Western Road, Bracknell, Berks, in 2s. 11d. tubes for small users. Suggested applications include the prevention of leaks through glazed fittings, lap joints in floor plates and under dashboards, and for preventing corrosion around wheel arches and lamp sockets.

Various grades of this product are also supplied in cartridges for caulking guns. Prices of cartridges range from 12s. 3d. to £2 4s. 3d. Autamastie is either cream or black, but the surface „skin may be painted. A layer between two metal sheets can be spot-welded through.

Pouring Into Vats r,ESIGNED to lift drums over vats and LI pour the contents at a controlled rate, a range of Jacacaddy trucks with squeeze clamps has been produced by W. Langley and Co. (Mechanical Handling), Ltd., 14-15 Magdalen Street, London; S.E.I. The standard model will lift 5-cwt. drums to 6 ft. 6 in. and turn them through 180 degrees. Other models may deal with 10-cwt. drums or provide lifts of up to 10 ft.

Hydraulically operated by hand, battery or mains power, the trucks have a fork lifting carriage. A secondary hydraulic system with a separate hand pump operates the clamp, and there is a pre-set valve to ensure that excess clamping force is not applied. Inclination of the drum is by means of a hand wheel actuating a gear train on the camp :Issembly.


Organisations: Yale
Locations: Wolverhampton, London

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