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Passing Comments

19th December 1941
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Page 18, 19th December 1941 — Passing Comments
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Do Not Hoard Your Spare Parts, Tyres and Tools . . . .

RRECENTLY, an Order entitled the Motor Vehicles (Returns of Spare Parts, etc.) Order, 1941, has been made by the M. of W.T. to enable the Ministry and Regional Transport Commissioners to call for returns of motor-vehicle spare parts, tyres, components, accessories, tools and equipment from any undertaking which sells or uses these items in connection with its business. The object is to obtain full particulars of cases where there is ground for suspecting that unnecessarily large stocks of those items which are in short supply are being held. The Minister has powers to requisition these, and will not hesitate to do so where necessary. A RAILWAY representative I-3, well known in road-transport circles recently remarked, in connection with the possibilities of nationalization being applied to tiansport, that he was certain that the railways would be greatly averse to such a development. It would be extremely difficult to apply the process to only one branch. This would mean that road transport, the canals and coastwise shipping would have to be included. Particularly fficult would be the last-named, as so much of this work is carried out by foreign ships, such as those owned by the Dutch, and we have already quite enough troubles with international affairs. One of the Difficulties of Nationalizing Transport . . • . Take Full Advantage NA ANY commercial-vehicle of 'Your Legal "I operators are not taking

Lights . . , full advantage of the improved lighting now legally permitted, which allows more running at night and so can assist the Nation's greatly increased production programme. The Government is, therefore, making a special appeal to them in this connection. The main points concerning vehicle lighting are that two masked head lamps may be employed together, and each may have a 36-watt bulb. The rear lamp should now be dimmed by only one layer of tissue paper, but still, no white light should be thrown sideways on to the number plate. Lamps and masks should be adjusted so that no light rays rise above the horizontal, and both should be inspected regularly, the slots brushed and the diffuser and bulbs wiped ; reflectors should also be cleaned and polished. Special cleaning brushes are obtainable, also transparent covers for fitting over the masks to prevent the entry of dust and water.

AS a result of alarm at the drastic restrictions in our export trade, the National Union of Manufacturers has made representations to the Prime Minister that the cuts seem to be going farther than is necessary. It agrees that Lease-Lend materials must be regarded as a trust and that America is entitled to be fully satisfied that this is not being in any way abused, but the established export trades are vital to the country, and it is difficult to recover them once they have been lost. Mr. Churchill's reply was to the effect that it is incorrect to attribute the drastic cuts to deference to the U.S.A. The reduction -is due to our increasing pre-occupation with warlike measures. The Lease-Lend undertaking is a declaration that, whilst the U.S.A. is willing to stint its own citizens so 'that we may be able to prosecute the war effectively, it should not be expected to do so in order that we shall escape necessary sacrifices. Why Our Export Trade Is Being Drastically Cut . . . .


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