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One Hears—

19th December 1941
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Page 19, 19th December 1941 — One Hears—
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

Of a driver in a draughty cab saying that the factor which prevents a quick turn round for him is a stiff neck.

That older drivers, taken on to fill gaps caused by national service, have been causing a rise in maintenance costs.

That some of them do not seem so happy with modern vehicles as the younger men.

Of an accusation that merchants buying really unserviceable vehicles as scrap, sometimes dismantle them to sell the components.

Of housewives who fear lest their clean newspapers journey via the local sorter to the local butcher and eventually light the fires of women less patriotic than themselves. That if your engines join the right Lodge a square deal will be ensured, That Major W. H. Goddard, who recently sent us a ,very horsey picture of himself, used to ride unbroken broncos in the Argentine.

That he is still prepared to ride roughshod over those few who do not believe in oil engines.

That "voluntary "is always a sweeter word than " compulsory," and many people have only themselves to blame when the latter is substituted for the former.

Of suggestions that, with the object of securing the best results, the sale of farm tractors and agricultural implements should be restricted to established ploughing contractors and power farmers.

That Berks give a bite to your batteries.

That despite other uses, threequarters of the rubber in the U.S.A. goes into tyres for its 30,000,000 motor vehicles.

Of wonders as to what the New Year will bring in the way ot further road-transport restrictions —or relaxations.

Of congratulations to Mr. Boyd Bowman on his perspicacity in siting the Clearing Houses luncheon so close to the M. of W.T.

That superpoise is something that we all need, particularly now, and Ave should adopt it without an. apology to the Cornmer concern


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