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With Intent to Improve.

19th April 1917, Page 22
19th April 1917
Page 22
Page 22, 19th April 1917 — With Intent to Improve.
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A Weekly Summary of Recent Patents, of Interest to the Maker and User of Commercial Motor Vehicles.

Selected and Abridged by H. S. Hall, A.M.I.A.E.

Improved Engine Lubrication.

Leon Dufour, of 109, route de Lyon, Geneva, describes in specification No. 104,666 a method of lubricating an internal-combustion engine. Two reservoirs, two pumps, a coil of piping for cooling the oil, together with a suitable dashboard indicator, comprise this device. One reservoir, suitably elevated, is provided with a filling orifice; oil rims from this through a tap, along a pipe to the other reservoir, which is placed lower, down on the chassis. Onepump draws from this reservoir and forces oil through the crankshaft to all the engine bearings, including the small ends of the connecting rods. In order to equalize the oilpressure present at each bearing, the passages to each are graded according to the distance Mire the main delivering pipe, the smallest one leading to the snrface of the front end bearing which is nearest, the pump, the largest being that, at, the rear end and furthest from the pump. After leaving the bearings, the surplus Oil drains to a sump, and is drawn thence by a second pump. which delivers' the warm oil through the coil of piping. This coil must be suitably positioned on the chassis so that it is constantly in a current of air. After passing through the coil the oil returns to the original reservoir. • Tine reservoir is . provided with an indicator showing the amount of oil therein,". and as 'direct gravity: flow ebtains between the first and second yes:ervoir, so long as -there is Oil in the first one the driver is Sure that the. second one' is full, and that an ample supply is available for some time to COTO a. For Paraffin Vaporizers.

C. F. Lawrence King, of Lawrence King and Co., Ltd., 122, Alma Street, Birmingham, well known in connection with the King and the 'Smith-King paraffin carburetters, describes in his specification No. 104,589 an improvement in connection with his vaporizing device in regard to the means of pre-heating paraffin before it enters the float chamber of the carburetter. With his paraffin carburetter it is usual to heat the induction pipe by means of a jacket of hot exhaust gases. Round a portion of this jacket, Mr. King provides another annular chamber through which the paraffin passes on its way to the carburetter.

Agricultural Tractor Steering.

In connection with agricultural tractora has always arisen the question of depth' of headland. Where the agrimotor employed must pull the implement behind it, if it has not abnormal facility for turning in a circle of small radius, the headlands are frequently three or four times the depth of those left when horses are-used for pulling the plough. The matter is not se highly important as has sometimes been claimed, as the headlands can be ploughed after the main portion of the work is completed, be going round the fields and cleaning Chem 'up. A recent patent, No. 104,586, by F. W. Waller, of 11, Brunswick Terrace, Stafford, is principally directed towards reducing the width of headland to a minimum, and the means adopted has been that, of increasing the steering facilities' on the tractor. In his specification he describes a three-wheeled tractor, the main weight of which is carried on the two driving wheels, the third wheel is attached at the rear and borne on a vertical pivot at the end of a beam, the beam itself also being pivoted where it is attached to the main frame of the tractor. 'By means of a dual steering arrangement and suitable gearing; this hind wheel may be turned upon its own pivot, thus acting as a steering wheel in the ordinary way, and the beam which carries it can also be moved round its own pivot. Means are provided for locking either of. these two methods of clearing, so that, if desired, only one is utilizable. The attachment for the implementis close to the main driving wheels of the tractor, which, as already stated, carry the greater part of the weight.


Locations: Geneva, Lyon

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