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S.T.R. Advises East-Midland Hauliers WHAT was said to be the

18th November 1938
Page 74
Page 74, 18th November 1938 — S.T.R. Advises East-Midland Hauliers WHAT was said to be the
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best meetVV ing that had ever been held in the East Midland Area of A.R.O. was the one which was addressed by S.T.R., The Commercial Motor Costs Expert, last week. Mr. W. Parnell was in the

chair, and, of the attendance of 43, many had come from 40 miles away.

S.T.R. dealt with the problem of rates assessment, insisting that vehicleoperating costs be the essential basis of any rates structure,

Questions turned on the difference in cost as between empty and light running, the problem of the return load, the difficulty of impressing an ownerdriver that he should, in his rates, provide for a profit over and above the wages which he takes out of his revenue, and on the subject of clearing houses. The latter question was as to whether, once a haulier has arrived at a rate by the method shown by S.T.R., he should accept work from a clearing house at that rate less a discount of 10 per cent, and, in some cases, 121 per cent.

S.T.R. dealt with these questions and was followed by Mr. J. L. Kinder, who referred, in particular, to the attack upon the roadways made by certain of our leading daily and Sunday papers. He suggested that these attacks were inspired and timed just to precede the publication of the railway companies' annual balance sheets. It seemed clear, he said, that this was but the prelude_ to further attempts to restriction on operators. He believed that it had been suggested that the restrictions should go so far as to forbid conveyance of goods by road beyond a distance of 50 miles! It was essential that these attacks should be fought and that was only possible if hauliers would unite and join an association.

Mr. Nugent Linaker addressed those present on the subject of insurance, and Mr. L. J. Rix, in proposing a vote of thanks to the speakers, referred to the active part which the Association of British Chambers of Commerce is taking in reference to road transport. He said that the Derby Chamber of Commerce proposed to establish a transport section, and recommended hauliers in the town to become members.

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