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18th November 1919
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Page 3, 18th November 1919 — ONE HEARS
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Which of the following most accurately describes the problem?

Of queer queue queries.

Of air-cooled dashboards. • Of chassis prices on the rise.

Of a great shortage of lamps.

That disc wheels are awkward things to handle.

The name mentioned in confidence, of the next D.M.T.

That The Motor ought to have.been sold at go much per pound.

Of other people taken with the li-type driver's seat arrangement.

Little of the many new companies registered from week to week.

That it. has got to be-some stand that will stand six and seven ton axle loads.

That the R London and Birmingham motor lorry service is really an _Ali service.

That the defence of a member at Preston did' not end in smoke.

That the Roads and Transport Exhibition will be the commercial-vehicle show of the year.

That it may be pattern-makers next—which will affect new models more than old -ones.

Of a very leading engineer who should be collared by some of the get-rich-quick company promoters.

That spherical axle-thrust devices, hailed with such clamour at this Olympia, have long been successful for commercial vehicles.

That few of these new touring ear enthusiasts for overhead valves know of their very wide use in the early days of motorbuses.

That the partially standardized .signs at Olympia gave Daimler, Rolls and the others who were nonstandardized a better show than ever. Of Leylands at Ham in Surrey.

Of food prices rising for dear life.

Is there to be a new Subsidy Scheme?

Of the great prestige of Great Britain.

That Mr. H. C. B. Underdown is an optimist.

Of a company that does pot want any more capital.

That the new Ensign car will do the name a lot of good.

That the A.B.M.2-1.M. will probably be part of the S.M.M. and T.

That Halley's have won a. ease of extreme importance to employers.

Of a 1,000 vehicle project actively discussed in the Midlands and North.

That Gatti° only wants 2,000 three-tanners, and that one hopes he may get them.

That, weight for weight, dried peat approximates very closely in composition to petrol.

That Walter 3 Iden is very busy on his provincial schemes, and that they are in very safe bands.

That everyone is delighted to manage on a smaller sugar ration in order that plenty may be sent tg Germany.

That it seems waste of time to go to Brazil to study light weightowhen one can get it any day from the local baker.

That there is a very definite place for the agent, but that that place is not properly on top of the manufacturer.

Evidence, adduced by the railway strike, of the education of Government departments on the merits of the motor vehicle.

That the recent utterances of two Ministers— Transport and Foreign Affairs—should have put much heart into the motor industry.


Locations: Surrey, Preston

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